Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Terrified Of Anwar Ibrahim - The Sequel

Hantu Laut

Who is behind the scheming and the making of the video?

The person at the centre of the controversy and one who has admitted it was he who discovered the video was, or still is, a close friend of Anwar Ibrahim, so he claimed.

Businessman Shazryl Eskay admitted that he and 2 others are responsible for the release of the video which he claimed he found by accident when asked to retrieve an Omega watch left by his friend purportedly to be Anwar Ibrahim.The Omega watch could be the most important piece of evidence to determine Anwar's innocent.

Now, the question is who is the mastermind behind Eskay? Did he do it alone on his own accord to get back at Anwar for refusing to be his witness in a civil case involving RM20 million claimed by him against a company that reneged on its promise, or there is a more sinister plot involving a group of people who wanted both Anwar and Najib out of the picture, or was Anwar part of the conspiracy to implicate himself to salvage his dwindling popularity and inflict maximum collateral damage on the ongoing Sarawak state elections.? If the oppositions managed to capture Sarawak, which I doubted, that would spell the end of Najib and the BN.

The only person and key witness to this vengeful rancour, if it was such, is Eskay.He holds the key to the puzzle and should know who the architects are.

Many may not agree but Rahim Tamby Cik may not be the mastermind if we are to go by logical deduction. He and Shuib Lazim could have been roped in much later after the scheme had been mooted and to be given credence that it is an UMNO's conspiracy by planting UMNO elements in it and who could be more convincingly wanting to hurt Anwar if not Rahim Thamby Cik and with him dragged poor old Mahathir who probably had no inkling at all or is privy to the devious scheme. The oppositions would flog anything including a dead horse.

For Najib, unless he is very blurred, to be involved in such kind of gutter politics is suicidal. The noose would be closing in on him if the video is found to be fake and he is involved.I would rather give Najib the benefit of the doubt that he would be smarter than what the opposition made him out to be.

More than a decade ago it was Mahathir Mohammad who was terrified of Anwar, now it is Najib who is terrified of him.

Why did Anwar immediately accused Najib and Hishamuddin as the culprits behind the production of the video? Did he know about the presence of the video earlier before it private viewing at Carcosa Sri Negara and the plot called for Najib to be accused as the main conspirator?

In the court of public opinion Anwar is always the victim and always right and the righteous.

Najib and the BN are more likely to suffer ignominy and public odium irrespective of whether the tape is faked or not.

If the police wants to get to the bottom of this imbroglio the key to the whole puzzle is Eskay.

In the final analysis who would benefit most from the video, fake or otherwise?

Certainly not Najib or UMNO or the BN.

I am now more convinced to believe Najib has nothing to do with those scumbags.

Why did the snippet appeared on You Tube a day after the police confirmed the tape was not doctored?

Someone want the police to appear to be the culprit and implicate Najib.

When I was a young boy I remember a story my grandfather told me about one uncle who purposely cut a wound in his foot so he would not be asked to do the arduous task of chopping firewood.


Anonymous said...


As i've stated a few times in your blog, it is without doubt that this is anwar's work. Rewind the whole thing from day 1 and watch. Anwar calling a press conference a few hours after the video was released??? Look at saiful's case when it blew up, where was he?? Think.

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

There is and never was any reason for Tun MM or DS Najib to fear DSAI.

More so in the present with PKR's dwindling fortunes. Internal discord, defections, lost by-elections et al.

Thank you

SM said...

Bro HL,

As I've said a few times, those involved here are waiting to topple Najib. And if they can get rid of DSAI at the same moment...all the better!
I guess just think of those who would benefit if Najib were to be toppled!