Monday, April 18, 2011

Is Malaysia's Consociationalism Under Threat ?

Hantu Laut

The results of the Sarawak state elections showed an emerging trend of racial and religious polarisation in the country.

The concerted effort of tenacious political forces on both sides of the political divide. Racial and religious acrimonious rows have been played out openly.This ethno-religious conflicts will have lethal consequence if allowed to continue.

Since after the 1969 red ink history of this nation the people have enjoyed racial and religious harmony without any interference to the beliefs and practices of each other religions.Although, Islam is the official religion freedom of worship of other religions is enshrined in the Constitution. There were mutual respects for each other religion then.

The Pak Lah's regime or Pak Lah himself should be taken to task for allowing religious bigots and political opportunists to trod on religious sensitivities and willed their ignorance on other religions.

It was the beginning of using religions as political opportunism for both sides of the playing fields.It is now water under the bridge and the damage is done.Mending the torn is now the hardened task of current Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Of late we have seen trivial religious issues blown out of proportion for the sole purpose of angering the electorate of certain faith to vote against the government.In spite of the oppositions hard-nosed attempt to rile up the Christians in Sarawak they did not take the bait and bring the issue to boil as can be seen from the results of the recent state elections.

In spite of the the spiteful propaganda by the oppositions majority of Sarawkians have kept their heads squarely on their shoulders. The political skirmish has taken on a different face, if not more, just as dangerous, ethnocentrism and ethnic division of the races.

It is apparent that the Chinese have decided to move on as one unified body to chart their own political destiny under one political umbrella.The impetus to consolidate under one umbrella and create a political force to be reckoned with has been shimmering since the 12th General Elections and re-enforced at the recent Sarawak elections. The chosen vehicle has steadfastly held its ground and gaining more ground as the nation moves toward its 13th General Elections which could be called anytime now.

Malaysia's more than half a century consociationalism is under threat and the exponents would enforce their beliefs that allegiance to one race instead of the wider society is the recipe to political power.These are the very same people who thrashed Najib's 1 Malaysia and ridicule his attempt to unite Malaysians.The thought of Najib succeeding bothers them.The Sarawakians have given their blessings to Najib.

DAP is growing from strength to strength while PKR supposedly the leader of the pack is still in latent state.Its performance at the Sarawak elections, if anything, is an embarrassment and yet the party leaders seemed to rejoice over its pathetic windfall.It won less than 10% of the total seats contested.Another coalition partner PAS was completely decimated.Both are Malay based parties. The Malay support is dwindling day by day particularly for PKR.PAS may be relegated back to Kelantan.

The KDM leaders in Sabah would have by now learn from the Sarawak experience and knew which side of the field there should be come the general elections.Multi-racialism will be dead and gone from this country by the time the 13th GE is over.

Possible scenario, the 13th General Elections may see DAP sweeping almost all Chinese seats and massive Malay supports shifting to supporting Najib's leadership under UMNO to counter the Chinese new political force.The Chinese may end up with no representation in the government as the Malays votes with Sabah and Sarawak in the bags would be enough for the new BN to form the government, or.....

....the Chinese community wise up and divide its votes between DAP and BN and allow significant opposition in Parliment and yet be represented and play a role in governing the nation.

While the Chinese have consolidated their position the Malays are still thinking they are living in the land of Utopia.

The Indians, an important minority, would by then have returned to the BN' fold

The 13th General Elections could be the most exciting or the most depressing depending on which side of the field you are from.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Still blaming Pak Lah & the Opposition I see? No mention of the Racist stuff that Utusan has been spewing these last two years? Yes, I know you do not read Utusan BUT that doesn't mean it's not there.
No mention of PERKASA? Katak Ibrahim Ali spewing his Racial hatred. No mention of TDM spewing his Racial crap either?
Whether the Chinese are represented in the Government or not, what difference does it make? To them the same Racial Bigoted Policies are still in place. At the end of the day, their children will have to move away from Malaysia & make a living elsewhere.
No mention of Muhyiddin's "I'm Malay first & Malaysian Second"? It's absurd that a DPM can say such things like that & get away with it?!
No mention of the "edited" History Books? By reading our history books now, one would really think that the Non-Malays never had any input in the development of our dear country.
The Indians? Who knows? They are like "Lallang"...blowing this way & that way.
When the Malays vote for UMNO, it's a no brainer BUT when the Chinese vote for DAP...they are being Racial (you really think they can stomach those Eunuchs in MCA, Gerakan & SUPP [now suddenly Dr. George Chan says that the unfair State & Federal Govt. Policies have caused the Chinese to vote against the SUPP! Hahahahaha] anymore?!)?
This has been brewing since the days of TDM lah...
That's why Najib's 1-Malaysia Concept is so important! That's why I support Najib. However, the Chinese & "others" have to see (i.e. believe) that he really means what he says. All those Little Napoleons acting out of hand should be thrown excuses...any stupid Racial statements by anyone in his Government should also be dealt with immediately. Until & unless this happens, "1-Malaysia" will remain an expansive slogan only! And God help us because there will be trouble eventually!

Hantu Laut said...


You are reading in between the lines, did I not say from both sides of the political fields.I do not have to mention specific past because they are already public knowledge.I only mentioned current events like what happened at the Sarawak polls.

If I have to mention all that than I would be as prolix as RPK and you would be reading only half of what I say.I never say voting for DAP is racial.

I say the Chinese is consolidating their political power under one umbrella which is a big difference from calling them racists.

I don't read Utusan even those translated into English because I don't give respect to such kind of writing and they are best ignored.

The Chinese will continue to ignore the BN because they think PKR and PAS can help to topple the BN and Chinese would have a big say if Pakatan takes Putrajaya.

Unfortunately, DAP is the only strongest party in Pakatan.PKR and PAS are lame ducks and not likely to mount a challenge for the majority Malay votes.

Lastly, the Chinese do need representation in the government.They should not be arrogant to say that they are better and smarter, therefore, do not need to be in the government, that would be to their detriment.

Anonymous said...


Just wait and see, pakatan is going to have a disasterous outing in the next GE. Pkr announcing a non-muslim cm for sarawak will backfire in the west. The divide by theses pakatan parties has become so serious you will see the muslim voters uniting with umno and as you rightly said Dap will get all the chinese votes which leaves pas and pkr to be deserted by the malays. There are lessons to be learned from Sabah 85 elections.
My heart goes to pas as they have been the victim of anwar's lust to become prime minister. It sad to see that pas still tries to cling to this loose coalition that has only served dap well.

Purple Haze said...

Why is it that we Malaysians have to have a Malay as a CM or other such positions ?

If a black man can be President of the USA, why can't we get past ethnicity ?

Are we still practising the politics of fear as espoused during TDM's time ?

SM said...

Bro HL,

Yes, maybe I'm reading too much in between the lines...
I think what the Chinese are saying is that there is no difference whether they have representation in the Government (as you very well know the MCA & Gerakan are a waste of time...they are so subserviant to UMNO it's pathetic!). The MCA are in the Government for show only. Don't make a difference at all.
The Chinese vote for the PR mainly because they have no choice. There is a difference between thinking yo are smart & having no option available. With the amount of Corruption in the Government & with the Racial Policies still in place...they are fed-up...Can you blame them? Maybe you can...but I won't....& no, I am not overtly pro Opposition...
That's why I say it's now imperative for PM Najib to show everyone (NOT only the Malays) what he can & intends to do!
I sincerely wish him all the best because I don't see any other option available at this juncture for Malaysia & Malaysians.