Friday, April 22, 2011

Who Says Hard For BN To Get Two-Thirds?

Hantu Laut

Read all the past predictions by some of our local professors and see which one of their educated guesses had been accurate.Gazing at the crystal ball most probably!

In the March 2008 General Elections two very learned persons predicted that BN will get two-thirds majority, one was Assoc Prof Dr Mohamed Mustaffa Ishak and the other political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff. Both were wrong.

Mustapha Ishak said " the minor political, economic and racial issues raised by the opposition during the campaign in this general election would not be able to deny BN the two-third majority, let alone topple the government"

Another political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff echoed the same. He even predicted Penang to remain with BN and Kelantan a tough fight for both PAS and BN. The rest is history.BN got the biggest thrashing of its life.

Here we come again the same professor predicting BN will not get two-thirds majority in PRU 13.
Read them at your own perils.PRU 12 prediction here.

I bet he be wrong again.

BN is likely to get two-thirds majority with a very Malay dominated government.

A similar scenario of what happened in Sarawak recently would be repeated in PRU 13.Taib has shown that he doesn't need Chinese votes to get two-third majority.

Taib Mahmud has shown his political prowess by clean sweep of all PBB seats.The failure was SUPP who had fallen victim to DAP vicious propaganda.

In spite of the vicious diatribe on his person and allegations of massive corruptions Taib survived the onslaught and had been a major factor in the victory.The PM and DPM have played equally big roles in his victory.

MCA disastrous outing in PRU12 is pale compared to what in store for them in PRU13.MCA, Gerakan and all Chinese based parties in Sabah and Sarawak would be near total decimation and almost all Chinese seats would go to DAP.

The small windfall in Sarawak was no indication of its growing popularity.The win was more the candidate than the party.Tenacious Anwar would continue with his political charade. PKR would be on life support

It is also very possible PAS would have left the coalition by then.
The Malays, except for the educated fools and the dreamers who think Malaysia can be America would have consolidated their positions to counter the Chinese cohesion.

UMNO may have no choice but to repossess all marginal seats given to Chinese based parties in Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. The demand for return of these seats back to UMNO would be extremely loud.

Unless Najib can come up with a magic formula,unfortunately, always shot down by DAP, Malaysia is heading for an unprecedented racial polarisation come PRU13.

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Anonymous said...

BN is a gonna. The original concept of BN formulated at Independence has been decimated by the UMNO extremists and opportunists. PR will be the new torch bearers of New Malaysia with Anwar Ibrahim at the help. That's my prediction!

Mohd said...

Its not hard, if UMNO and PAS unite. Instead of PAS being so stubborn and stupid in wanting to share power with the chauvanist Chinese DAP and the near collapse PKR, it will be better for PAS to share the ruling power of Malaysia with UMNO.
UMNO can tell MCA and Gerakan to contest in the 45 Chinese majority seats or go and fly kites, because enough is enough. The Chinese even in MCA and Gerakan never support BN.
Once the Malays get the 2/3 majority, some bold actions has to be taken.
Follow the example of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore:
1. Scrap the vernacular schools. These schools are the breeding grounds for the Chinese and Indians to sow and incite hatred for the Malays. Establish SATU SEKOLAH for everyone for PERPADUAN RAKYAT. Just by putting up one finger and uttering Satu Malaysia won't do. It looks foolish enough. We'll never get anywhere.
2. Use the ISA to round up the hatred mongers who keep on harping racial remarks and those who blatantly oppose the government.
3. The Chinese media should be scrutinised and immediately stopped if found to be inciting hatred.
4. The opposition in the government who are abusing their positions should be taken to court and fined millions of dollars to bankrupt them (Like PAP does in Singapore).
5. Then only can Malaysia be peaceful and harmonius and concentrate on raising the living standard of the rakyat.

amde sidik said...

Yes Hantulaut , the same Professors made the wrong prediction-wonder why others not given a chance?
I remember watching one TV 'show' involving 'expert'-this expert of ours argued no more exciting than school SPM graduate and got annoy when lost in argument...

SM said...

Bro HL,

Time will tell bro...!
You have been predicting the demise of PR from the day one after the last's still yet to happen.
The only way the Chinese & Indians are going to support the Bn again is when they see that PM Najib really means what he says about the 1-Malaysia concept.
For our sake I hope it works or else we are looking the beginning of the end for our beloved country!
Just look at the comments posted by Mohd!
I miss "home", I miss Malaysia, I miss Shah Alam, I miss the rest of my immediate family in KL, PJ & Shah Alam but I'm glad I'm raising my family in Brunei!

Anonymous said...

Mohd, end justifies the means? A lot of "benevolent" dictators believe they're doing the society good by stamping out all oppositions and diversity. I guess it comes down to the choice of people. If the policies pushes the people too far, they'll revolt but if there's enough support for a "cleanup" then I guess, then that's what we'll get. At the moment, it's looking less of racial struggles than a class struggle. It's the haves versus the dont haves, the ones who struggle vs the ones who get things on a silver plate. Guess time will tell?

Anonymous said...

And who is gonna answer the obvious corruption that's within BN? Is "unity" what it's all about?

Anonymous said...

Election is for the people of Malaysia to select their best representatives to govern the country and also for them to express how they felt about the present policies. Those selected must be hard working, uncorrupted & willing to do the best for his or her constituency. How can a candidate be a billionaire in such a short term as Yang Berhormat. Is pity that the big guns which is suppose to be Highly Educated are so stupid and narrow minded to criticze others who do not vote for them. Ask ...why the people vote for the them have turn against them - abandon them. Check the total number of voters voted for the present state government compared with the last election. It is not the numbers of is the number of voters voted against you. Don't use race as an excuses. Those who vote blindly for you are really ....................

Anonymous said...

To Mohd.

PAS does not join UMNO because it is not interested in power. Instead PAS is fighting for a honest and credible government and DAP is more honest and credible than the UMNO people.

And i agree with your suggestions.
1. Scrap all race based schools. All MARA colleges, malay schools MUST allocate 30% positions to non-malays. Then we can establish PERPADUAN RAKYAT.

2. Yes, use ISA to round up all those hate mongers like Perkasa and the cow head protesters and the anti kitab injil protesters.

3. ALL media should be scrutinized and immediately stopped if found to be inciting hatred. For example, Utusan Melayu and their 1 bumi 1 Melayu movement.

4. Yes those opposition idiots like the UMNO people who spread lies and slander against state governments of Kedah, Penang and Selangor should
be fined millions of dollars and bankrupted (like PAP does in Singapore)

5. Yes, then only the rakyat of Malaysia can live peacefully and harmonius and concentrate on raising the living standard of rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut, go fcuk yourself! You brainless sh it!

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

Yes, I too am convinced that the BN can achieve a 2/3 majority in the next GE.

"A similar scenario of what happened in Sarawak recently would be repeated in PRU 13.Taib has shown that he doesn't need Chinese votes to get two-third majority"

I did some collating of the Sarawak SE results and came out with some interesting assertions that supports the Chinese votes going exclusively to the DAP.

The Bumi votes stayed with the BN, where the DAP contested that is.

I may be proven wrong but there is at present no official or definitive analysis of the SE.

Take back safe seats and mixed constituencies, given to the MCA for example, the electorate especially the Malays can deliver BN that 2/3 majority.

As in Sarawak, the Chinese are fixed on voting the DAP come the next GE.

The MCA has been ineffective since 2008 to get representation on its own merit.

Thats why I suggest the MCA to withdraw from the BN for the good of the coalition.

Like it or not that's the reality as it stands.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

My 2 cts bit, if d opposition loses in d next GE, it's d Malay who will actually lose in d long run....

54 yrs, under UMNO, how many Malays hv made seem only those connected 2 UMNO like a certain doctor in d house who is 1 of d richest In Malaysia, point here is simple, if he was d son of a felda smallholder, would he be where he is 2day............

burn said...

"bn" will always win because of gerrymandering, unless a miracle happen! seeing sarawak election have already says it all. 16 seat have 300,288 voters, while 55 seat have 372,379 voters.


Anonymous said...


You said that once the Malays get the 2/3 majority, some bold actions have to be taken. Why do you suggest following those bad things that the PAP govt in S'pore has done? Why can't you suggest the positive things that the PAP govt has done like eradication of corruption, racial equality, meritocracy and a lot more? You are very vengeful as you want the Chinese to be punished just because they don't support BN. If the BN govt does the right things, the Chinese will come back to support the govt just like in Pah Lah's time. Stop thinking along racial line if you can.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what happened in Sarawak will be repeated. In Sarawak, BN's share of the vote was reduced to only about 55%, a big reduction from about 63% in 2006. So expect BN to get even less votes in the next GE compared to 2008.

Anonymous said...


If PAS joins UMNO. It will give two impressions. 1st, PAS is willing to work with a party that has been a corrupted ruling regime for more 50 years. 2nd, All Malay political leaders are corrupted leaders.

eddy said...

Anon8:38pm an incurable Malay hating racist.