Friday, June 24, 2011

Bersih! Siapa Yang Kotor ?

Hantu Laut

I am still confused about Bersih's march for clean and fair elections.

Before, it was the March 2008 General elections that was purportedly rigged to deny the oppositions from winning but, amazingly, they almost captured the government, denied the BN its traditional two-thirds majority and won 5 states. The BN was almost trounced if not for Sabah and Sarawak, which were still in the slumbers then.

The oppositions never in their wildest dream believe they could win 82 parliamentary seats and 47.8% of the total votes cast against the ruling party 52.2 %.As they say the rest is history.

One may ask how could a dirty general elections gives the oppositions such astounding results if there were truly massive cheating by the ruling party?

Now, they are using the Sarawak state elections as an excuse to justify the march for clean, free and fair elections.Did DAP cheat in the elections? They won 12 out of 15 seats contested and helped PKR to win one.

Every time they failed to capture the government the question of rigged polls would become their staple food to demonise the government, portraying it as a wicked and evil regime to vulnerable and uninitiated Malaysians, who would swallow it hook, line and sinker.

These are Malaysians who are just too lazy to make their own analysis and use their better judgement but would rather be led by the opposition's empty rhetoric as in the proverbial Malay idiom "seperti kerbau dicucuk hidung"

One may ask again how did the oppositions made tremendous gains in the recent Sarawak state elections if there were massive cheating?

How did DAP managed to capture 12 out of 15 seats contested, PKR a miserable 3 out of 49 seats contested and PAS 0 out of 5 seats contested? DAP made the biggest gain, doubling the number of seats in the Sarawak State Assembly. Did DAP cheat to win almost all the Chinese seats?

There is little doubt that PKR and PAS are not yet accepted by the people of Sarawak hence the poor performance .Deceitful as usual, they blamed polls rigging as the reason for their lacklustre performance.

Anwar Ibrahim, instead of slinging mud on others for his party's poor performance should accept the fact that the people of Sarawak and Sabah for that matter do not like his leadership style and do not want PKR in the states.The big screw up he and his wife made in Sabah PKR has made people weary of his leadership.

Many foreign news media have put BN as the likely winner in the 13th General Elections, ostensibly, without two-thirds majority. These predictions have brought shivers to the opposition's camps and they are using the same modus operandi they used in 2007 just before the March 2008 GE to rattle the government and hoodwink the people that they must change the government to save this nation from falling into the abyss of economic disaster.Rising food prices and cut in subsidies are some of their political ammunition.

Rising food prices is a worldwide phenomenon, no government has complete control over the rising costs of food.Malaysia is not alone in this indisputable world food crisis.

Who is Ambiga Sreenevasan trying to bluff saying that BERSIH is apolitical and an independent NGO? PAS promised to mobilise 300,000 of its members on to the streets and Anwar Ibrahim says he would instruct Ambiga to call off the protest if Najib can promise a clean and fair elections? Isn't the active involvement of opposition's leaders make it a political rally mainly to help the oppositions garner public sympathy.This arrogant woman told the EC time for talk is over here.

She will be chosen as a PKR candidate in the 13th General elections.That much she had been promised that have made her completely arrogant and belligerent.

It stinks to high heaven that she played dumb and played the "wayang kulit" that Anwar has no say in the matter when in fact she took instructions from him and other opposition leaders to copy what is now dubbed as the "Arab Spring" to bring down a government through streets protests and people's power. Anwar's statement of "I will instruct Amiga to call off the walk" makes him looks like the chief designer of the BERSIH's walk on the 9th of July.

It may have escaped Amiga's mind that this is a duly elected government, elected by the people and any attempt to overthrow such government using any form of violence or street protest is an act of treason.

Can Ambiga control 300,000 protesters on the streets of Kuala Lumpur? They would come from all strata of society and in the midst there would certainly be roughnecks and troublemakers out to cause trouble.

Of course, for her and the leaders of the oppositions, typical of their brand of politicking, they would simply put the blame on the government even if such trouble actually came from their side.

Anwar is desperately seeking new avenues to revive his ailing political health.His Western allies have abandoned him when they discovered his hidden anti-Semitics.A stance he insidiously managed to hide for a long time until the day he made the biggest mistake of his life by his malevolent desire to propound to the Muslims of this country Najib as friend of the Jews, unconsciously bashing the Jews at the same time.The Jews did not take kindly to some of his remarks.Not a smart thing that sincere people would do.

APCO is not more Jewish as Monsanto, Unilever and Nestle are.His attempts to resurrect himself with his Western allies failed miserably.Even the Western media whom used to espoused him as a moderate Muslim leader persecuted by the Malaysian government is now giving him the cold shoulder.

How do you trust a man who was comfortably numb to corruptions and abuses of power that surrounded him when he was in UMNO and the second most powerful in government
suddenly found his clear conscience when out in the cold?

Undoubtedly, a street protest may help in restoring his waning popularity.

What is there to clean up? The opposition's election gains spoke volumes of the fair and free elections in this country.

There were also complaints that we should change our Westminster type system to direct elections as opposed to the present "first past the post" (FPTP) voting system.

Why is there a need to change a system that have worked well for over half a century here and for hundreds of years in the United Kingdom (UK).There is no foolproof system.Every system will have its weaknesses and it only takes a few clever minds to work the system to their advantage.

It is the same system we inherited from the British that gives a single party the majority based on number of seats rather than the absolute majority of all votes cast.

Since 1922 the UK has had 18 out of 23 general elections that produced a single party government.The rest would have been hung parliament or minority government.

Below is the 2005 UK General Election results.

This table indicates those parties with over one seat, Great Britain only
Seats % Votes % Votes
Labour Party 355 56.5 36.1 9,552,436
Conservative Party 198 31.5 33.2 8,782,192
Liberal Democrats 62 9.9 22.6 5,985,454
Scottish National Party 6 1.0 1.6 412,267
Plaid Cymru 3 0.5 0.7 174,838
Others 4 0.6 5.7 1,523,716


As you can see the Labour Party got 355 seats but only 36.1% of the total votes cast while the other major parties, the Conservative and Liberal Democrats received 55.8% of the votes cast but did not have enough seats to form a coalition government.Even if all the other parties joined hands there would still be not enough to form a coalition government.

In 2010, the UK Elections ended with a hung parliament. Not a single party had a clear majority to form the government.

The size and number of voters in a constituency is a matter of logistics.In urban areas where the density of population is much higher the constituencies may be broken into smaller areas but with higher number of voters compared to semi-urban and rural areas.

Blaming the system is a poor excuse.If you are popular no system can cheat you of victory.I am sure DAP is very happy with its achievement in the Sarawak polls.The one that's whining and moaning is Anwar's PKR.

The oppositions also blamed gerrymandering as one of the reasons why they can't demolish the government.When was the last time the government re-demarcate the electoral boundaries? I am sure there was gerrymandering in the past but would that be the reason the opposition can't win or the obvious, the people are not ready to accept them as the central government?

Our fight should be against corruptions and abuses of power, not a poor excuse of wanting to clean up a pure fantasy of a tainted electoral system.

The march through the thoroughfares of Kuala Lumpur would disrupt businesses and traffic causing great inconveniences to the people who do not want such unnecessary disruption to their daily lives.Do these dickheads care? Obviously not.

Now, PAS threatened to put 1 million of its members on the streets replicating Tahrir Square in Egypt.Do you need a million zombies for a peaceful march to clean up the electoral system or you need the numbers to bring down a government?

This started as peaceful demonstration.It could happen here.

Perkasa and UMNO Youth threatening responses to BERSIH are making the people more jittery.The police should deal with all groups in the same manner without fear or favour.


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Bro satD,

Nearer home too the same.

Wordpress down?

Very best regards

eddy said...

The "Bersih" demo is metamorphosing into a planned riot that is going to happen and beamed to the rest of the world to show that the Gomen is cruel and has no control.

It is a good time as any to invoke the ISA and start preventive arrest of the "Bersih", UMNO Youth or Perkasa leaders who are involved in the planned demo and counter demo after strong warning from the PDRM that it will be an illegal demo.

The 9 July planned demos are a clear and present danger to Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Spin or justify all you like brother of the current election process been clean and fair when there are obviously flaws in the current election process which needs remedies to make it better for the next election.

Protecting the SPR behind the screen which is neither an NGO nor political arm of any party or a Govt dept from scrutiny and improvements is for WHAT?

What's so special about SPR which is beyond criticisms? Is it really independent now? The more you oppose the cleaning up, the more doubts is being cast on the minds of people on the independence of the SPR for some hidden agenda in the coming elections.

Is it not ridiculous that the Bersih's demands are actually the same things which leads towards helping achieve the main charter of SPR?

Another ridiculous piece is when or when is it SPR's duty to ask anyone to call off their rallies before discussions? What a jerk who thinks he is now the Govt of Malaysia.

SPR just have to sit down, do it's job to get it pass in Parliament, if laws need amending when Parliament is in session now, let the MPs debate for all to see and then we decide whether Bersih have ulterior motives after all these are done.

Read the Constitution, Man, which is what every issue nowadays is linked to anyway and which I am sure everyone holds on to.

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Bro,

With your indulgence.

Anon 11.43

Response to your 7 para comment.

1. Please state which part of the post is a spin. You fail to see the crux of the post. You can only say flaws. Which country in the world has perfect elections?

2. Is the post about protecting the SPR? Can you elaborate "screen"?

3. What so special about BERSIH? When was the SPR beyond criticism? Is the SPR independent only when it kowtow to BERSIH or any other NGO, just because they say so? The more BERSIH and it's NGO ilk pursue an illegal action, it casts the minds on people of their not so hidden agenda.

4. What actually are their ridiculous demands which is the crux of HL post? And which you only see as flaws that require the massing of "hundreds of thousands"?

5. Here you are being ridiculous and a jerk guilty of spinning. You miscontrue a good intention to engage with this so called BERSIH people when SPR could easily ignore their dubious actions.

6. "SPR just have to sit down, do it's job to get it pass in Parliament, if laws need amending when Parliament is in session now, let the MPs debate for all to see and then we decide whether Bersih have ulterior motives after all these are done."

The only a little bit sensible para. See, you yourself say the MPs in Parliament. And not because some NGO says to do this or that. So, what the hell are you ranting about?

7. Constitution. Very high sounding, Man. Here, read the Election Act, a link for your good self. which is relevant to the topic at hand.

Thanks bro satD.


UniversalTraveller65 said...

Dear Hantu Laut,

Why EC officers are barred from Army & Police Camps when voting?
Why Army & Police cannot vote in the same voting booth like rest of population?
Why did EC (which admitted) it changed the voters polling station in Hulu Selangor without notifying them?
Why does the government prevent overseas Malaysians from Voting except government sponsored students which is only MARA?
What is the voters representative? In some areas is 10,000 (mostly Malay) areas in urban areas it is 50,000 up onwards?
Perhaps Hantu Laut would like to enlighten the situation.

Jc said...

Hantu has said this in the past and quite agree. Spin or no spin, statistics or facts- most people's minds are made up. These ppl being the ones whom like visit blogs and leave comments.

The heartland voters are the key turning points as seen in recent Sarawak elections. Everything else is just to fill newspapers and blogs and coffee shop talk.

My two cents basically is to support overseas voting for all malaysians, redraw voting percents to reflect population percentages, indelible ink.

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

I am really sorry and look a darn fool for addressing your good self by another bloggers name.

Spotted the grave mistake going thru some of your posts again.

The error is sincerely regretted and please accept my profound apologies.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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