Friday, June 24, 2011

Credentials Of College And Experts That Analyse The Sex Video

Hantu Laut

The state of denial continues here. PKR's Johari Abdul seemed a better expert than the two experts who spent years studying and working in digital forensic.

Below are credentials of the college and the two experts that study and analyse the sex video and concluded that the man in the video is 99.9 % Anwar Ibrahim.

The Dartmouth College

1.Proffessor Hany Farid

2.Assistant Proffessor Lorenzo Torresani

I have nothing to say but await Pakatan leader's reactions to this shocking disclosure.

Would they ask for Anwar's resignation?


Anonymous said...

Would the 2 US experts be allowed to be queried by other sets of experts?

What happened to the experts in South Korea that the government engaged to verify the video?
Was their findings not favourable, hence their services were scrapped?

Waiting happily for the findings & the experts to be scrutinized soon by members of their own community..

~ UnSupporter of Hantulautan Inconsistencies

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahha go to hell for all I care.
Anyone who had been to school then you know what you can find in the USA...hahahahahhahaha HANTULAUT the good, the bad and the ugly.
So siapa mahu tipu siapa? Rahim Thamby kecik hantam budak kecik? Eskay the idiot? or Pak Mentua Shafie Afdal? Shafie Afdal is shivering and worried that one day in the future his children, grand children or any of his generation will get the same treatment as experien by ANWAR.
So watch out!

nu4q3 said...

Thanks Dato' T for being so patriotic to the nation but I can think for myself,thank you.I dont need a paedophile to tell me what I dont need to go and straighten up yourself so you might look more credible in the eyes of Alif-Lam-Lam-Ha!

Anonymous said...

Ask Anwar to resign from what post? He isn't the PM yet and we are not sure that he will even be PM. The tainted PM should be asked to resign first.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, even my 12 years old son said aloud Anwar's name once he saw the man's "actions" on tv....enough said.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.19

I totally agree with you about a 12 year old perception of things. Everything is reality as long aa they think so. The chinese call these behavior "tin chan" aka "naive" mentality.

As far as the two so call experts/PDRM are concern, their claims are just what they are "claims". No one in this world, no matter how expert they claimed to be, can proof of a person's identity just by looking at a picture/video, let alone a grainy picture with poor focus.
It's also true that if we wanted to see something badly, we will swear that the thing we saw is what we think it is.

SM said...

Bro HL,

The Police have said that they know the identity of the "actor". If that's the case then why keep quiet? If they are so sure then...xcharge him in court together with the evidence.
Three possible scenerios:-
1/ They have no clue & from experience, we know that this is not far fetched when describing our PDRM
2/ They know it's DSAI & they are waiting for an opportune moment to make it public (e.g. next GE)
3/ They know it's not DSAI & they just want to keep the Public guessing

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that there is no tampering of the video. No need for "experts". The guy in the video is a double! You don't need to tamper weith the video. What a spin!