Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is BERSIH Instigating Mob Rule ?

Hantu Laut

I have deep antipathy for street's demonstration for whatever the cause may be.We can take and copy many good things from the West but simply aping some of the negative elements that could throw the nation into chaos to fulfill one man's agenda is totally irresponsible.

Who would believe there is no free and fair elections in Malaysia?

It makes one wonder how an educated person like Ambiga Sreenevasan had the cheek to fool the people that there is no free and fair elections in this country.Can she explain how the oppositions managed to capture 5 state governments and 83 parliamentary seats in March 2008 if truly the general elections were rigged.If so, why was the BN so stupid by not giving themselves at least the two-thirds majority if they can manipulate the election results as accused by the oppositions.

It is obvious Ambiga is doing Pakatan's dirty politics.She hasn't got the clout nor the potency to attract people to her cause without the strong backing of Pakatan.

Will the massive street protests bring about the desired change and a cleaner electoral system or rather create havoc and chaos to the country peace and harmony and a strong possibility of mob rule. The Arab experience has shown how combustible massive assembly of people could be, that could turn violent, destruction to human lives and properties and eventual mob rule.

Without any doubt, there were corruptions and abuses of power but this government is not as evil as painted by the oppositions.It is still a legitimate government elected by the people.

The BERSIH walk for free and fair elections is a charade and an excuse to go saberattling the BN cage and to show the people the undemocratic action of the government to deny the people the right to peaceful assembly.

The ultimate goal of BERSIH is not free and fair elections. The ultimate goal is the saving of Anwar Ibrahim. They expected the announcement of the foreign experts report of the sex tape to be made during the court case of the Datuk Trio with conclusive evidence that it was Anwar in the tape.

Why wasn't the BERSIH's walk executed before the announcement? Because they want to inflict maximum collateral damage on Najib's government.

The government foolishly fell into the trap.The pre-empative arrests of BERSIH organisers and followers, allegations of communist elements and the banning of BERSIH's T-shirts have done the damage and the job to placard it as an evil government without them even going to the streets.

The Home Minister Hishammudin Onn has risen to the highest level of incompetency by his heavy-handedness in dealing with the situation. You can't arrest people before a crime is committed.The Home Minister and the Police should know this better than anyone else.

I am against street demonstrations but in the same manner I do not tolerate police action of arresting people before they have done anything against the law.

Here, reported in Rocky's Bro a person wrote on twitter:

5xmom: I think all Christians shud march for all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord.
Either he is suffering from persecution complex or intentionally wanting to cause trouble.The Allah controversy can't in any sense of the word be construed as persecution of Christians.Persecution is hostility and ill-treatment that may include the banning of the religion.No one in this country have been persecuted because of their religion.

As a matter of fact most religious persecutions were under the Islamic flag, those considered deviants.Strange as it may be, Shia, the second largest denomination of mainstream Islam is also banned in this country.

How can the Christians be persecuted when there are more churches in this country than mosques.

Come to Sabah and see for yourself that there are more churches than mosques here.We see it as our legacy.

I was in church last week for the funeral service of a close friend and even saw a lady with a todong attending the service.

Why can't you West Malaysians be more tolerant and behave the same way.

I know the danger of a huge rally but the government should be prepared to take the risk and act constitutionally and according to the law against the protesters.

I hope the people in BERSIH would come to their senses stop the clarion calls for people to go on the streets to serve the opposition's agenda


Mohd said...

Sometimes you must fight fire with fire. You just cannot fight fire with water alone!
That is what the purpose of the ISA for. To prevent further choas, the govt has taken preemptive action. You must nip the trouble in the bud! That is the standard international procedure.
Peace and harmony comes first for the Rakyat!

Hantu Ribut said...

We must look in wholistic point of view when Bersih claimed Malaysia is not practicing a fair and democratic process of elections. Who knows maybe Oppositions could have won more seats/states if ever there we a fair elections. Let's look at each by-elections. Were there any elements of rigging? Sir, with due respect to your opinion, rigging comes in various sizes and forms. Malaysians in general knows that. Take Batu Sapi by-election for example....see in micro point of view.. Filipinos are voting for BN. Enough said.

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

With your indulgence @Hantu Ribut

Read and

Its people like you that BERSIH and the opposition can rely on because no amount of convincing will change your mind.

Discourse with those of your inclinations are a dead end.

When we point to the 2008 gains, you say could have won more. When say one make can challenge any election result, you say judges biased. When say one can make police report, the police is biased.

Simple logic is if the election is unclean and unfair, why then woud the DAP, Pas and PKR continue to contest elections?

The answer is obvious isn't it?

They know its not the case.

BERSIH's claims/demands are all empty vessel.

Thank you

anti bohmau said...

ambiga claimed bersih is led by ngo's. that's the biggest lie. is lks, lge, dap ngo? is mat sabu, mahpuspas ngo? is nwar, w. azizah, nurul pkr ngo? are these political figures free from political biases when they walk the rally then? it's all political, deep to the marrow!! and they attack EC liking it to a government agent! that government agent let the opposition won in 5 states!!! how ironic!

stop belittling the people. bersih claimed 1 million people are for them but there are 26@27 million more in malaysia! would you ignore the fact that majority of us are not with you? the silent majority loves harmonious & peaceful condition of this country.

and one must never equate malaysia with egypt because no one is being deprived from finding wealth & improving their status in life. the contrast is so clear. we may not state the minimum wages for our workers. construction site labourers earn between RM50-75 per day but in egypt, they took back home US$2.00 per day - just enough to buy a loaf of bread & other groceries using the coupons! here we have food like festive seasons everyday though many people claim things are expensive yet nobody has gone through famine like in those warring countries.

egypt president ran the poll by only asking the people to choose 'yes' or 'no' for him for 30 years under a state of emergency, NO OTHER COMPETITORS!! and he was grooming his son to take over after he either retires or dies in the course!! did it happen here?

i dont see why they need to rally illegally causing public to fear the unknown (yet we know the consequences!!) when they can peacefully hand in the memo to the King! it's like you want to respect the King but you resent his reign...oh some ingrates!!

filipinos are voting for BN? singaporks are voting for dap!! see zuraidah mak lampir as an example!! calling the kettle!!

SM said...


If Malaysian Elections were clean:-

1/ The EC would NOT be powerless (as they have admitted themsleves) to make changes

2/ Why stop the changes (like the indelible ink issue [so that they can bring in their illegal voters that's why)].

3/ PR would be in Putrajaya today!


SM said...

Bro HL,

Another reason why UMNO does not want the BERSIH Rally to go forward is beacuse you are going to get Malays, Chinese & Indians walking hand-in-hand! That spells the "death knell" for UMNO or at the very least BN (UMNO will survive since you have enough PERKASA members & Ketuanan Malays around around & enough ass kissers like the MCA, MIC, Gerakan & PPP around!
UMNO does not walk hand-in-hand with any other race sice they consider themselves "Tuans"! Honestly, I do not blame UMNO! Why would anyone want to walk hand-in-hand with the likes of their lapdogs...MIC, MCA, PPP & Gerakan?
We are not living in the Colonial past anymore, the "divide & rule" concept has been outdated a long time ago except that UMNO has been just too good at it BUT even UMNO can't use it forever!