Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bersih/Pakatan's Lies,Untruths And Fantasies

Hantu Laut

Is Bersih really apolitical, truly representing the rakyat, or fronting the opposition Pakatan Rakyat?

Take a look at the photos and video below and see for yourself whether you, as citizen of this country, believe in what Amiga and Pakatan leaders claimed and the actual motive of Bersih.

Why is she always surrounded by Pakatan leaders?

The video below shows how Pakatan leaders lied through their teeth that the police shot tear gas and water cannon at the crowd unprovoked.

See who lead the charge at the police. Was it not Anwar's lieutenant, the master forger Tian Chua.

Who are the liars the police or Pakatan leaders?

Vote for Pakatan and you be voting for a bunch of liars.

Here, a nasty Malaysian lady with another pack of lies and a deadly grudge trying to link the RM15 billion yacht to Najib or Taib.

I was the first to ridicule the price tag in my posting " British Trash".The boat maker has confirmed it was a fake and there was no such boat.

Only idiots would believe anyone would build a pleasure yacht with such price tag.

Here and here, the nasty Pommy
with her pack of lies and endless crusade against the Malaysian government and leaders.It's obvious someone is paying her for the smear campaign and political grandstanding for the benefits of the opposition.


SM said...

Bro HL,

As usual when all else fails you use personal attackes.
Not everone is it for "payment" (are you being paid by UMNO to attack the opposition & BERSIH? If not then why do you think she's being paid?).
Just because the PR has "latched" on to Ambiga, does not maen that she's in co-hoots with them.
If you recall she asked BN & UMNO to join BERSIH but obviously they took the contrary stand that Elections in Malaysia was fair (no one in Malaysia believes that...even you don't but obviously you can't admit it) & went out right from the start to stop her & BERSIH.
The reason why you guys are dead set against BERSIH & Ambiga is because the only way UMNO & BN can return to power is by crooked means & even you know that to be true!
As for Tian Chua, he should be hauled up by the PR & suspended! Again, you conveniently use that one clip to refute the numerous other evidence of the Police brutality on 907!

Anonymous said...

Why do you sound so idiotic hantulaut? Ambiga had already explained anybody who believe in clean electoral system could come forward to support the Bersih2.0. This includes all political parties including the BN, the opposition etc. It so happened the BN chose not to participate, ignored all their appeals to haveit in a Stadium, engaged police to threaten and harass them. It was the opposition which supported her cause, a good cause, and what's wrong in that? You choose not to see the truth, to blind yourself. Do not stand with people who are against justice. You definitely look as a crony for the BN. Bytheway why didnt you open your big mouth about Rosma's big diamond ring that is surrounded with so much contarversy and allegations? Can you explain how shwe got it Mr Hantu?

Hantu Laut said...

The privilege to attack others are not the rights of Pakatan and Pakatan supporters only.You seemed to think only they have the rights.

I never said Amiga was paid. If you care to read properly I was refering to Clare Brown who accused Najib and Taib of paying those American writers.If that is the case than she is also paid by the oppositions.You mean she can accuse others and I can't say the same of her.

The police would only fire tear gas if they found the crowd threatening.PAS Hadi confirmed so, he said he was treated well by the police.

Anyway,the police was only trying to murder Anwar as purported by Pakatan leaders and that stupid bespectacled lawyer buruk.

I have uploaded the photo of Anwar's bodyguard showing his injury, you don't have to know forensic science to know what blatant lie accusing the police of shooting directly at Anwar and his bodyguard.The wound speaks volume of the lies by Pakatan leaders.The wound clearly shows a trajectory of 45 degrees shot.A direct shot would have smashed his face that would leave a circular imprint on his face.

Whatever way you want to defend her, I stand by what I say, Ambiga is certainly in cahoot with Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed with your innuendo HL. Come on. Ok the yacht was a hoax. Move on. But Ambiga cohorts and puppet of the PR. tsk tsk. You can do better. I wish Najib and gang was behind her too in the photo. Alas, perhaps I wish in fantasy.

Tian Chua has been called out by Haris Ibrahim, a Bersih exco. Yes knuckle to be rapped. Tian Chua must be forbidden to join PR public march again!

Why would I vote the opposition? Just because BN has been too blatant in their abuse of power. Pure and simple. We need a 2 party system for check and balance. A strong opposition be it PR or BN will be good for all of us just to clean up the rot in the present system.