Friday, July 29, 2011

Murdering Anwar: More Lies And Fantasies

Hantu Laut.

You don't have to know forensic science to tell another blatant lie by Pakatan leaders.Look at the wound on the face of the man in the picture purportedly to be Anwar's bodyguard. Does it look like it was a direct horizontal hit?A direct shot would have smashed his face and would have left a circular bloody mark on his face.The wound clearly shows the canister was fired at 45 degrees trajectory and landed on his face.The deep gash on his face means only part of the canister touched his face not the full brunt as claimed by Pakatan leaders.He could also have fell down and hurt himself.

The wound speaks volume of blatant and venomous lies by Pakatan leaders accusing the police of wanting to kill Anwar. Most right-minded people would have run away when they saw the canister coming.Why did Anwar and his bodyguard stayed where they were without trying to flee?

Tear gas canister do not travel the speed of a bullet, you have plenty of time to get away.All I can say it was probably another theatrical act for public display.

Anwar was not hit directly by the tear gas canister how could he suffered a bruise on his head and a cut on his leg, here? Could that be the result of a scuffle when every one panicked and trying to escape the tear gas.

A story here what Bersih is all about.It's all about the revival of Anwar.Malaysian electoral system may not be that perfect but the claim by Ambiga and Pakatan of unfair and unclean polls are ridiculous.

Maybe, we should blame the British for leaving such a faulty system behind, which, incidentally is still being used in Britain.

Below is the results of the UK 2005 General Elections.

This table indicates those parties with over one seat, Great Britain only
Seats % Votes % Votes
Labour Party 355 56.5 36.1 9,552,436
Conservative Party 198 31.5 33.2 8,782,192
Liberal Democrats 62 9.9 22.6 5,985,454
Scottish National Party 6 1.0 1.6 412,267
Plaid Cymru 3 0.5 0.7 174,838
Others 4 0.6 5.7 1,523,716


The Labour Party only had 36.1% of the total votes but 56.5% of the total seats.The Conservative and all other parties put together had 63.9% of the votes but only 43.5% of the seats.

The people of Britain have not gone on to the streets demanding that the unfair system be changed.The difference between them and us, they respect and love their heritage, Malaysians are easily fooled.

If there are enough people determined to change the government, change will come, with or without Bersih instigating people to go on the streets to demand a free and fair elections.The problem is, Pakatan Rakyat could not convince enough Malaysians to vote them as the Federal government.The same thing would happen in the 13th General Elections.They will again fail to capture Putrajaya and back to the same blame game repetitiously claiming they were cheated.

Let's take the state of Kelantan. PAS has been there in power for almost 22 years, why can't the BN cheat to get Kelantan back? It was obvious, unshakeable voters, was the reason the BN could not topple PAS in Kelantan.Should we also accuse PAS of cheating?

There is no perfect system.The oppositions want the EC to introduce indelible ink to stop what they purportedly called double voting. Not sure whether such cheating have actually taken place in the past or just a figment of some one's imagination or just the opposition's smear campaign against the BN to gain political mileage.No case has been brought to court to show the legitimacy of this allegation.

Do the BN have enough machinery to carry out the arduous task of arranging voters for double voting and what percentage of voters involved in this scam? The opposition has not been able to show any evidence other than their rabble-rousing rhetoric.

Have the opposition ever considered the possibility of the indelible ink being misused or abused, forcibly applied on voters to stop them from voting? I am sure such infraction can occur if a party or candidate is desperate to win at any cost.

The video below shows the police firing of tear gas at the Bersih's rally.

What do you see, were they shooting straight at the mob or at about 30-45 degrees into the air?


Anonymous said...

Both sides can be true or lie. But I prefer to believe the protester because they legitimate citizen asking for a true democracy to be put in place not just rhetoric.

But why shot the canister in the first place?

Anonymous said...

See AIDC ... there is no shot. Both got shoved by the crowd, fell and and got trampled.

Reuters video is clear

Anonymous said...

Just get some of the FRU personnel who were there and who shot those tear gas and interview them on national tv with the question.

"Were you ordered by anyone to fire at the opposition leaders"

That should clear all doubts.