Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hell In A Handbasket ?

Hantu Laut

As I have said in my earlier posting in the "Demagogues" PM Najib mishandled the Bersih crisis.The ball was at his feet and he bears full responsibility for the adverse fallout for himself and his government.

The oppositions had a field day disparaging his government within and outside the country which is becoming more difficult for him to gloss over.

Here, this pesky lady writer even lied that Najib has left the country, presumably, running away from his problems, when all the times he was in Malaysia, attending a meeting in Trengganu.

Similarly, the International press also had a field day bashing him and his government .

Below are collections of what have been reported internationally.None of them are good news for Najib and the Malaysian government.

Tear Gas Erupts as Malaysia Detains Hundreds of Protesters - Time Magazine

Malaysia Rally Turns Ugly - The Diplomat

Bersih 2.0, Malaysia 0.0 - Asia Sentinel

Thousands of Malaysians Rally for Changes to Elections - The New York Times

Malaysia Protest Lifts Opposition- Asian Wall Street Journal

Malaysia: Rich but not free - The Jakarta Post

Malaysia ‘overreacts with mass arrests - The Jakarta Post

Malaysia nips an hibiscus uprising - Asia Times

Crackdown in KL - The Economist

There are umpteen more, all painting dark pictures of Malaysia and the slew of unjustified arrests and detentions of protesters, use of tear gas and water cannons indiscriminately on the public and locking down the city centre.The opposition has done a fantastic job demonising Najib and the government.

Najib would need some kind of a miracle to survive the onslaught which has effectively convinced the whole world of an evil regime, if not already, is in the making.

The oppositions are pulling all their aces to make sure this message stays alive until the 13th General Elections.They have already collected over 130,000 names on Facebook asking Najib to resign and firmly believe even if the BN won the next elections Najib would be out in a matter of time.On the other hand, there are 783,158 names that like Najib on Facebook.

What goes around comes around.The prevailing wind of change would blow harder as we approach the general elections.

Even if there were free and fair elections, which many Malaysians are now in doubts would ever happen and Pakatan failed to garner enough seats to take over Putrajaya, there would be political chaos in the country.

Anwar has threatened more rallies
if Najib do not guarantee a free and fair elections.

Does the 'Law of Relativity' (not Einstein, the comparative type) comes to play here.What I see as fair not fair to you? Nothing is good or bad until you relate it to something.

It's explicit that, Anwar and Mohd Sabu push the buttons in Bersih, Ambiga is just a stooge.

Is the BN going to flounder?


SM said...

Bro HL,

And that's why Muhyiddin, Tun Mahatir & Mukhriz Mahatir are licking their lips!
Muhyiddin can see the PM-ship almost in his grasp! And when he gets rid of Najib (the way Najib got rid of Badawi), next to go will be KJ & Hishamuddin (no loss here!) & TDM's boy Mukhriz will be IN!
I have always thought Najib as someone who's not only intelligent but Politically wise....but after what's just happened...I'm genuinely surprised!
I shudder to think what Malaysia will be like under Muhyiddin & TDM!
Allah help us!

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

"Anwar insists he has enough Barisan MPs to form government"

"At Pakatan Rakyat’s 45th Malaysia Day celebration yesterday, Anwar said he had sought a meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss a smooth transition of power"


At that point in time the elections were clean and fair?

Malaysia bashing is a favorite pastime in the West.

And the opposition are gleefully playing their tunes.

Thank you