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Hantu Laut

I have read it before but never crossed my mind to post it on my blog at that time.

It was written in 2009 by a Pakistani freelance columnist. 

Dr Farrukh Saleem propounds the weaknesses of Muslims and Muslim countries (you can access his article by the link below) and why they are lagging behind and why the Jews, the most minute minority of world's population yet the most successful race in the world.

They excelled in all the sciences, from Einstein to Friedman and thousands others they have conquered the sciences and gave mankind the benefits of their knowledge and discoveries.

Back in 2007 when I first started blogging, I wrote an article not exactly showering accolades on the Jews as Farrukh did, but why Muslims and Muslim nations lagged behind the West which brought Farrukh and myself inadvertently to the same or lack of it!

The Middle Eastern Arab countries are living examples of how poor, divided, disorganised and illiterate they are, ruled by despotic regimes that disenfranchised civil liberties and leaders robbing the state coffers for themselves, their families and cronies.The tsunamic "Arab Spring" swept through the region demolishing one regime after another.

Gaddafi's Libya buckled two days ago.Syria would be next.

Absolute monarchy has no place in this modern world. Saudi Arabia, a despotic monarchial regime under Islamic Wahabism would see challenge to the monarchy in a matter of time.

Would the Arab countries see better days. The revolution or for better word the "Arab Spring" was so disorganised there were no clear leaders to take over leaderships. Eygpt is still in the quagmire with the military still in control and democracy still a bridge too far.

Education in Islamic countries is a non-issue and the enigmatic "no compulsion in religion" has turned into "no compulsion in education" and to deadlier ignorance of knowledge and the modern world.


Dr Farrukh's article:


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

Not only Muslims but other faiths as well.

Very enlightening link you provide.

A most valid comment I find was by Vladimir.

Another factor that provide Jews with so much influence and clout is finance.

This is irrefutable.

In the US the Jews head most key financial bodies.

But they represent only about 2% of the total US population.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Why compare muslims with the Jews? The jews are regarded as the world's most intelligent people. They spend more time exploring new scientific technologies and innovations. Whereas, the muslims keep themselves occupied with the interpretation of the Quran. That is why in Malaysia, even with the NEP for 55 years, the muslims are still lacking behind the non-muslims who have to fend for/by themselves.

Anonymous said...


maybe we have to rephrase the question?

What is wrong with the muslims, in the context of malaysia rather than
worry about the jews?

There are a lot of things wrong with the muslims. For one we spend more
time complaining rather than do something about a problem. Malaysiawide or
worldwide , muslims complain and complain
to no end.

Islam -the religion of the righteous

Islam is the right religion but muslims are not behaving righteously.

Many muslims leaders are ashamed to uphold basic islamic belief and morality.
In fact muslim leaders assumed the lifestyle of some lecherous christian like
Berlusconi . Fornication with multiple partners when islamic laws allow polygamy.
Successive melayu pm's made polygamy almost impossible to practise.
And the outcome- some cabinet members are homosexuals and lecherous felons.

Muslim suffragettes like 'sisters of [dubious] islam ' have a stance of opposing
polygamy, And they are silent on lecherous activities of muslims. It may be
safe to conclude that they could tolerate fornication but not polygamy.

The murderers of muslim people

The muslim form the biggest mass murderers of islamic people. Strange but true.

Look at the history.

Islamic enemy No 1 Kuwait

Iraq war 1 is started by the kuwaitis as agent provocateurs of the usa. The slimy
kuwaitis invaded the iraqi oilfields in evoking a response from the egoistic
saddam hussin. Then big brother usa steps in and killed hundreds of thousands
of iraqis.

Iraq-Iran war

Kuwait and saudi arabia instigated Iraq to wage a 8 year war with Iran.
Untold misery and almost a million death. And to further riled up Saddam the
kuwaitis demanded the money that had financed in thw war as loans to be paid
by the Iraq government. See the double -crossing sob kuwaitis -first they stole
the oilfields and then make a claim for the money they financed on the war as loans.

Iran -Iraq war 2

Who financed the fuel for the attack on Iraq? And the fucking Saudis provided
airbase, financed the war to the tune of usd 8 billion. All the money toexterminate
about 1 million iraqis

The fucking kuwaitis- de so called 'muslim' brother. What a joke!!!!

The early intifada

The jordan king slaughtered about 5000 palestinian fighters in the first intifada .

Arabs like to think they are muslim brothers. More of a business proposition
rather than from their heart.

All this while the jews as individuals have been focussed on their academic and
material success.

Look at the contribution of jews in our everyday life.

Facebook is a product of software design of jewish student. Their hardwork made
life easier for millions .

This simplistic thinking that all things jewish is bad. There are jews who converted
to Islam and became great muslims like Ahmedinijad-the president of Iran
Melayus tend to think that all arabs are good. With exposure to the stark
realities of the world melayus must recognize people whether muslims, jews or chingkies
for what they are.

Maamar Gaddafi, Assad and the rulers of kuwait are terrible people.
Likewise the ruler of saudi and his council are not good people-probable rank
as the worst jews in Israel.

Melayus tend to be party animal. They support the islamic leaders regardless whether they are
tyrants or crooked. This mentality has to change. Take people for what they are.
If the usa want to exterminate gaddafi or the gangsters who control somalia , we have
to support them. The benefit of the greater good must outweigh the small evil of killing
gaddafi/assad/ or the gangsters that control somalia so that the masses can live.

khong khek khuat

Are You Gonna Go My Way said...

Are the Muslim now...real Muslim? How come the weaknesses of Muslim only recently we begin to realize.Muslim faith now has stray from the real Islam. Thats the real reason.

Anonymous said...

At least the muslim world has perfected the art of suicide-bombings. This may their greatest contribution in history. You don't see a Jew becoming a suicide-bomber.

de engineur said...

Why worry about the Jews.

Our purpose in life cant be just to defeat the Jews; it's about how we progress in our own ways without being too much troubled about others.

Freddie Kevin said...

@KKK also known as hard fornicator,

You are so narrow minded and bigoted, you don't realise how ridiculous and insipid your comment is.

Your last para will suffice,

"If the usa want to exterminate gaddafi or the gangsters who control somalia , we have
to support them. The benefit of the greater good must outweigh the small evil of killing
gaddafi/assad/ or the gangsters that control somalia so that the masses can live."

Please go to any American neocon blog, news portal et al and plead with them to get rid of the Saudi rulers for the sake of democracy.

Don't get it, too bad.