Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bukit Kepong: Malaysia's Alamo

Hantu Laut

The issue of Bukit Kepong is getting hotter each passing day, both sides of the political divide are not giving up.I am not a fan of people who tries to rewrite history to suit their political agenda and ridiculous propaganda.

Mat Sabu claiming that the commies were the real heroes is just playing to the gallery...... the target audience ?............ the young uninitiated pea-brained Malaysians that you find all over the blogosphere with their bad English and nasty comments......and so easily indoctrinated.

Below are some excerpts from Wikipedia on what happened on that tragic day 23 February 1950 at Bukit Kepong:

The incident started just before dawn with the Communists launching a guerrilla assault on the police station leading to the deaths of almost all of the police officers stationed there. When they began the siege, the attackers strongly believed that they would be able to defeat the policemen and gain control of the police station within a short span of time. This is due to several factors in their favour: their arms and numerical superiority and the relative isolation of the station. The battle began at about 4:15 am.

According to eyewitness accounts, there were about 200 Communists attacking, led by Muhammad Indera, a Malay Communist. Despite the odds, the policemen led by Sgt. Jamil Mohd Shah, refused to surrender, although numerous calls by the communists for them to lay down arms were made. Several officers were killed as the shooting continued and two wives of the defending officers took up arms when they discovered that their husbands fell in battle.[2]

Desperate and alarmed at the defenders’ tenacity, the Communists captured one of the officers’ wives and threatened her at gunpoint to urge the policemen to surrender. The defenders replied that they would never surrender and continued fighting. Another wife of the officers and her daughter were also forced to do the same. Their refusal then resulted in their execution.[citation needed]

In the final hours of the fierce battle, the Communists set fire to the officers’ barracks and station. Two women and their children were burnt to death in the married quarters. At that point only 3 policemen plus a village guard were still alive. They rushed out from the burning station, unable to withstand the heat. They then assaulted the Communists position, killing at least 3 of them.

Only about five hours after the first shot was fired did the communists manage to break their defences and set the place ablaze. They then retreated into the jungle.

14 policemen, 4 village guards, 3 auxiliary policemen, wife of Abu Bakar Daud (one of the surviving policemen) and three of their children were killed in the incident. The total number of deaths is 25. Those who survived the bloody encounter are 4 policemen and 9 family members including their wives and children. Read the full story here.

Almost all killed in action that day defending the police outpost were Malay policemen and their families against 200 commies.There was no European or British casualty.

Mat Sabu really need to apologise to the Malays.

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Anonymous said...

This is a cheap shot.. Reproduce a statement from Wikipedia and claim it is the truth and nothing but the truth.. Not worth reading at all

arcadia said...

This respond also cheap shot~ anonymous? lol dont u have a name? I can more on Bukit Kepong but Anonymous merit nothing~

Anonymous said...

All the Malay policeman was dedicated soldier, worth our respect. Another was a patriot trying to free the country from the colonial master. Both of them work on the opposite side. It is up to us to decide which side we are on, the colonial master or the freedom fighter.

kittykat46 said...

I'm not sure if there was a flag flying at the Bukit Kepong police station at the time, but if there was one, it would have been the Union Jack. The official photos in the police station would have been those of King George VI.
I'm not belittling the courage of the men there, but just to point out things are really not black and white if you put your thinking hat on and switch off the Cold War propaganda tapes.

I have an elderly relative who served in the Federation Regiment, decorated for courage in action against the CTs during the Emergency. Nowadays, he's a DAP supporter..haha.....hard to believe how things change.

There's some other relatives who were probably Communist sympathisers.

I long ago realised that the issues surrounding the Emergency are more complicated than what the official government history paints.

Anonymous said...

So you pick an article from Wikipedia....and we are supposed to take you seriously? Do you even take yourself seriously?

Anonymous said...

That incident happened in 1950, So who was the ruling Govt then? King George la. Everyone sings God save the Queen not Negaraku. All flags flying are the Union Jack. Where got Jalur Gemilang that time?

Police forces then were under British and local political parties were fighting for independence from the British Govt.

So who are the patriotic ones?

This asshole blogger only know politics but not history and trying to convince others how to think. Even an Emeritus Professor of History is playing politics. What a big shame. Go hide somewhere, la.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 4.35,
Wikipedia has more credibility than Mat Sabu and you, who can hardly debate an issue intelligently.Simply calling it a cheap shot does not make you smart, it just goes to show the low level of intelligence you possess.

Hantu Laut said...


Another moron.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Although I have lots of respect for Wikipedia, I have often found lots of mistakes in what they say, so I am still not "convinced" by your argument.
To me, yes, I think Mat Sabu has purposely opened a "Pandora's Box". Why, I am not sure. He's smart enough to know that the moment he said stuff about Communists, he was going to get flak from UMNO & even other non-political parties.
Yes, I agree that the Policemen at the Station were heroes. They may have been protecting their Colonial Masters the British, but they were just doing their jobs. As for those who attacked them, well, thta's the real controversy right? Were they heroes fighting the British or were they just Communists pursuing their own agenda?
As for your last statement about Mat Sabu apologizing to the Malays. Well, if he's wrong he should apologize to ALL Malaysians not just the Malays! We have to get out of this Malays / Non-Malays Race thing that continues to divide us (but as long as UMNO / BN are around, well, it will just be a dream!).

Hantu Laut said...


Now, you know why this country is fucked, with brains like parrots can you expect better.

There was no political party fighting for independence at that time,only communist armed struggle by the CPM under the patronage of Communist China.

They started as affiliate of the Kuomintang of China and fought against the Japanese but later switched to become communists when China fell to the Communists after World War II.Chin Peng managed to influenced and recruit some Malays to join the armed struggle to set up a communist state in Malaya.

Hantu Laut said...

Good to see you back again, one of the few people I really respect. At least you have the intellect to argue a case with civility.

I agree with you Wikipedia may not be 100%,I am fully aware of that and I have corrected them once or twice before, but it is certainly more credible than taking something out of unknown blogs or figment of Mat Sabu's imagination.

Do you know you can edit,change and correct any mistake made in Wikipedia, but you have to register as a member first.They do have administrators who audit the materials from time to time.

There are no two ways about it, those who attacked the Bukit Kepong police station were commies.They maybe Malays but they are commies and members of the CPM.It's true they first fought the Japanese helping the British but at that time they were not communists yet, they were allied to the Kuomintang.

In Sabah we have the Kinabalu Guerrillas uprising against the Japanese led by Albert Kwok and Jules Stephens on 10 October 1934 which is now popularly known as "Double Tenth" which coincided with, at that time, Kuomintang's China's National Day which is now Taiwan's National Day.All those who participated in the uprising were caught and executed by the Japanese.

My maternal grandfather who was a policeman in Sandakan was also executed by the Japanese.

Mat Sabu should let sleeping dogs lie.

bru said...

Dear Hantulautan..
The same Anons who question your source will hail Wiki if it suits their purpose. Typical.. Thats why they are called cybertroopers and not cyberthinkers.
In 79 or 80, a police station in Batu Pahat, also in Johor, came under violent attack from a deviat sect, resulting in several deaths, includimg civilians. the flag flying outside the batu pahat police station was the jalur gemilang. The sect members, like the Mat Inderas of this world, wanted a country ruled by their own kind and based on their beliefs and they didnt care who came in their way.
I am surprised Mat Sabu has not declared these sect members as heroes, too.
Perhaps your brave Anons here, followers of Mats Sabu and Indera, may like to do the honors.

Hantu Laut said...

Dear bru,

Many thanks for the link.Much appreciated.

Now Mat Sabu stirring another hornet's nest about late Tunku Abdul Rahman won't be PM if there was a referendum.

I think UMNO should just ignore him.

SM said...

Bro HL,

I bet Mat Sabu is smiling from ear to ear!
He opens these "Hornet's nests" as you put it to bait UMNO & then he basks in the limelight when UMNO starts firing at him!
Why else bring up these topics?
You are right, UMNO should just ignore him....but they won't will they? That can only be why he's doing this!

Anonymous said...

There are misconception here: -

i-Communist doesn't exist to get independence from Brit or give Malay their land back, it exist to protect the chinese when Japan invaded Malaya at the time (because Japan like to kill Chinese at that time) and while at that, they want to spread communist ideology of anti-religion, anti-king, and anti-democracy which the Malays at that time could not accept. While small number of Malays join communist, majority pick an arm to fight them and Bukit Kepong incident is one tipping point that shot the number of Malay enlistment into police and malay regiment. That is why some people call bukit kepong as Malayan Alamo, its a tipping point.

ii-Mat indera and other Malay join communist not because of communist ideology, but more to fight British, while they have good intention, they should quit communism the moment British give them independence, which they fail to do.

iii-Even though the police is administered by British, Malay Sultan also plays a role and British did requires their opinion when taking some action, for the Malays at the time, joining police is serving their Sultan too. Do you know that Royal Malay Regiment was created by the suggestion of Sultan? They could not servicing the Queen alone when Malay Sultan having a part in its existence. If it is a British police (exclusively), why did they have Songkok in their uniform?