Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Invitation To Rape

Hantu Laut

Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz and the Governor of Jakarata Fauzi Bowo has something in common, they are either misogynists or as the ladies fondly called them MCP.

Mr Bowo reckoned women invite rapes by their scant and revealing dresses.He blames the miniskirts for the number of rapes in the city.

Unlike Nik Aziz, Bowo apologised for his distasteful statement saying he was grossly misquoted.Bowo's story here, Nik Aziz's here.

Remember the Sabah UMNO politician who advised women "If you cannot fight rape, better lay down and enjoy it" It's here.

Rapes occurred all over the world to the scantily dressed to the ones dressed from head to toe and to grandmothers by rapists as young as their grandsons.

What were these men thinking when they make such outrageous statements?

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SM said...

Bro HL,

Can't agree with you more!
I hope that Nik Aziz was really mis-quoted, if not he should really examine his consciemce!
There is no excuse for rape. As you said, rape victims are not chosen because of whet they wear. I remember a couple of cases a few years ago in Terengganu (or was it Kelantan?). One was a five year old girl raped by a Security Guard. He also killed her. Then there was the Bus Driver that reaped the School Teacher. She wore Baju Kurungs & Tudung always. Not mini skirts! She was also killed!
Rape is evil & those who do it are evil & should rot in hell.