Friday, September 30, 2011

Rais:Why Ban Something Good ?

Hantu Laut

I do not agree with Rais Yatim's reasoning for taking off the airing of this video on TV.It is a good public message to bring awareness to Malaysians to discharge their rights to vote and it's free.

The video is also free, the government need not fork out any money for its production and, thankfully, they did not, otherwise, it would have cost a bomb.

Rais, should tell us Malaysians, which segment of our society would be offended by the video and what is the subliminal message?

The unspecified negativities he asserted of the video is lamentable because they are non existence.I can't find any subliminal message other than the presence of some opposition's superstar like Nurul Izzah.To be fair to the maker of the video he has also invited and included in the video BN ministers to sing the same message.

Is the government haunted by its own shadow?

Is it because of Namewee?

Frankly speaking, I do not agree with many of his antics, he is just a publicity maniac using politics as cheap publicity. We should not be bothered by his appearance in the video, we should look at the content and context of the whole video and its ultimate message.

Is it because of Tengku Razaleigh who says Malaysia has many problems?

Isn't it true we have many problems ? Which country don't have problem?

We have political problem, economic problem, corruptions problem, crime problem, widening racial divide problem, religious problem, FDI problem and last but not lease the Anwar Ibrahim's problem.

Instead of finding solutions to the many problems, why not sweep them under the carpet, in the typical fashion of UMNO leaders.

I hate to generalise or stereotype people, but ONE'S SUPPORT CAN WEAR THIN when the objects of your support keep shooting themselves in the foot. Many UMNO leaders are suffering from this malady.Even my hero, former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohammad, disappoints me when he contradicts himself by saying Malaya had never been colonised. There is nothing to be ashamed of being colonised, almost three-quarters of the globe was colonised by European powers.

When he was prime minister he said the Malay sultans sold their souls to the British now he says the sultans invited the British as advisers but the British acted as colonialists.I forgive him because of his age and fading memory but how do you forgive a learned man, a professor named Zainal Kling who sing the same song referring to some obscured document saying the sultans never signed any treaty agreeing to be colonised.

Ask the African countries,India,Indonesia,the West Indies, how many of them have signed documents to allow the European powers to subjugate them? Ask the Sultanate of Malacca did he sign any treaty before the Portuguese armada came with their gun blazing to take Malacca?

In some cases treaties were signed after subjugation either by force or intimidation.In the case of Malaya the British used subtle intimidation on the sultans to accede to their demands.It is called "gunboat diplomacy", a display of superior military power to intimidate.

Malaya was colonised that way and that's why we have "independence day" and our northern neighbour Thailand do not have any because they have never been colonised.Incidentally, Thailand was also never invaded by Japan in World War II.They became allies and signed a secret military alliance with Japan for safe passage to invade Malaya on condition the Japanese helped them to get back the 4 northern states in Malaya formerly under Thai rule.

It appears that some UMNO leaders are still living in past glory.Some of the excuses given are so pubescent, like a growing child's fantasy, ONE WOULD NOT KNOW, whether they are REAL, IMAGINED or just PURE BULLSHIT.



de engineur said...

If you ask me why, I can only think of one thing - Rais doesnt see this as 'fair' to his BN government.

One need to come up with something that's harping and singing praises to the government in order not "to offend certain segment of the society", that people not in agreement with him/his government policies are not part of the society and hence need no mention in the clip.

I heard about the banning in today's early RTM news and needless to say I searched for the clip online first thing in the morning.

The more you ban, the more curious people become and that may just be what is needed by the producer to recoup his investment.

Anonymous said...

the reason is bcoz he was not featured in the video n the most beautiful line taken up by his former boss when both of them was in Semangat 46.

Anonymous said...

the reason is bcoz he was not featured in the video n the most beautiful line taken up by his former boss when both of them was in Semangat 46.

zaidi said...


Rais is too old for this modern world. Almost everything is not in line with the Malaysian value. RTM is a reflection of the mental capacity of that man, sorry should stay at home and write memoirs rather than telling the young what to do

en.muniandy said...

as i see it. both also could be useless fella like the other. all for being opportunist..

i still can't believe with all these certs that we obtained overseas while mingling and assimilating with foreigners, we are still unable to harmonize our racial ties at home.

the 13th may 69 incident might have triggered hatred and poisoned some minds. this hatred is inherited to some. everybody knows why but we kept ignoring because that we are so afraid that we will be 'stamped' as being traitor to our own race.

so, for that matter, let's end vernacular school. they are the REAL MAJOR catalyst to this gap. huge differences will be obtained in the future.

so look deep inside of the real you. if you disagree to the matter, there must be a little racism inside that kept on denying the true facts.

the country is enough for everyone, but NOT greed! so don't become a self segregating individual race to claim victory. let's put and end to of all this and become a true MALAYSIAN.