Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bersih:Don't Cry For Me Malaysia!

Hantu Laut

I would have supported Bersih if it was a genuine and independent movement, free of politics and free of Pakatan Rakyat interference and its malicious politicking.

It was not. It was not an honest to goodness citizens' concern for free and fair elections.It stinks all the way to hell of dirty politics.A political hound dog heavily tilted toward the oppositions. Amiga is a stooge of Pakatan Rakyat, there is little doubt of that being untrue, no matter how much she denied it.

In Sabah, my home state, I joined the chorus of oppositions to the proposed coal powered plant because the NGOs that spearheaded the movement was truly independent and apolitical, organised by ordinary Sabahans, out of concern for their environment and the future generations.No politician was in any way involved with the movement. We managed to convey to the government our gravest concern for the health of the people and damage to the eco-system if such dirty and polluting plant were to be built in Sabah. We have other alternatives of much cheaper and cleaner source of energy which can be used. Sabah has plenty of offshore natural gas which could be harnessed into powering the power plants. The Federal government is giving us raw end of the deal. They knew it, we knew it.

We did not go to the streets to show our displeasure with the government, we used other avenues to channel our frustrations and objections.We used our elected representatives, organised seminars to bring awareness to the people and used the Web to spread the message to a wider audience.

We won. The Prime Minister personally killed the project and replaced it with gas-powered plants. At least, whatever evil you spoke of the man, he listens and stands to reason.Of course, without any doubt, he is hoping to keep  his "fixed deposit"

We, Sabahans, do not understand the mentality of West Malaysians, where they should show real concern they simply do not take any interest to set it right.There are at least 4 coal-powered plants in West Malaysia and there was not a single squeak from these people who proudly called themselves activists, some even consider themselves as elite activists and public intellectuals, which again is a very West Malaysian thing, giving credit to themselves for insignificance and insubstantial.

On checking the "Top 100 Public Intellectuals" names such as Marina Mahathir, Malik Imtiaz Sawar, Art Harun, Nurul Izzah,  Hannah Yeo and the smart-ass "Niamah" flea, none appeared on the list.

The selection for top public intellectuals, though no all that perfect, has not yet gone down the gutter as much as the "Nobel Prize", which awarded the most belligerent and warring country's president a "Nobel Peace Prize". If Obama deserved the "Peace Prize" than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should be even more deserving. Unlike the American, he has not started any war, bombed some poor nations killing thousand of innocent civilians. That's the West for you, even if they do wrong, they do right.

Do not forget that might is always right, except David and Goliath, where the mighty giant was stupid.

Coming back to the West Malaysian mindset, many of the things they like to do are copying others and even that they are not doing well, fumbled and stumbled most of the time. Anything, from making movies to wanting to ape the Arab Springs, they have absolutely no originality, they think everything West is "the" thing to emulate. Everything west of Istanbul is good. Surely, we must be discerning enough in separating the wheat from the chaff.Not everything from the West is suitable for our society. So what if those donkeys in the West want to occupy Wall Street with their stupid demands and nobody is listening.Nobody is going to give away their hard earned money away to people who think the world owe them a living and do nothing about themselves. Do we have to ape them kind of idiots as well?

The West Malaysians are either on siesta, in a state of slumber, or state of denial.They don't know what's going on around them, always groggy, they could not see the distance.Only politics can stir them into action.

"LYNAS" a year ago, they were still very much asleep until some smart-ass Pakatan MP stirred them.

LYNAS! rare earths, they may have thought these are some kind of precious metals but later found out, when the project was already in advance stage, rare earth could be a deadly radioactive metal element.One that could give the future generations lots of problem.

Taking cue from Sabahans that successfully killed the coal-powered plant, they think they can do the same thing, unfortunately, Pakatan Rakyat's politicians hijacked the whole darn thing, turning it into a circus and them the clowns.The clowns continue to gather support from those as ignorant as they are ,trumpeting that Lynas is not safe, if safe why not site it in Australia nearer to the source they say?

These morons never did their homework, which is typical of Malaysian politicians, always surrounded by "yes men" and half-baked advisers without knowing that the project was initially approved to be sited in Western Australia nearer to its source of supply at the Mt Weld Rare Earths mine own by Lynas but for reasons of economics decided to move the processing plant to Malaysia.

Between 29 May and 3rd June 2011 out of grave concern for the people's welfare and to ensure protection of the environments from radioactive pollution the Malaysian government invited the IAEA of the UN to conduct an independent review.The IAEA team was not able to find any non-compliance with international radiation safety standards.

Yet the smart asses Pakatan leaders continue to instigate the people to protest without warning them that should the whole project be cancelled the Malaysian people would have to fork out few billions ringgit in compensation to Lynas, a subject of litigation against the Malaysian government.

The Pakatan leaders, do they care? 

Hell no! they are only interested to grap power, by hook or by crook.

BERSIH! Today is the 'D' day where clueless West Malaysians would gather under the Malaysian sun to show support for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat and its stooge, Ambiga Sreenevasan to protest all for nothing.


The face of evil

Look at this video, is it peaceful, a sit-in as promised by the organisers, or provocative behaviour ?

Here is a great Bersih song about Malaysia, the banana republic.It was so sad even the crocodiles cried.

I would have prefered the one below by the very talented Andrew Lloyd Weber.

I would cry the day Pakatan Rakyat, a coalition of political misfits took over this country.


Anonymous said...

Bro, well written.

But The Coal Plant did not take traction until much publicity and some big protests in Kampungs affected. I wished that the BN politicians had championed that cause but no, it smelled of money in the pockets for powers that be in SESB and ahem BN politicians?

Lynas, I too wished that BN were involved in championing the safety of the people first. The people's concern had a history in Bukit Merah Ipoh. No IAEA findings can overcome that fear. If Japan's nuclear fall out is any indication, their fears are justified. Furthermore why wouldn't Australia take the waste if it is safe?

Bersih is another case. The complains are not new. It had fallen on deaf ears for decades because it keeps the powers intact. Honest BN politicians should have been part of this movement before PR took it up big time. Too late now after the horses have bolted?

In Malaysia, until a cause becomes political, nothing seems to get done.


Purple Haze said...


I understand your point of view and wish that the incumbent govt really puts the people first but as Y1 has noted, until a cause becomes political, nothing seems to get done.

Another case in point is the Bkaun Dam which was "pushed" by Tun Dr M and CM Taib. Rio Tinto has now backed out of setting up a alumiminium smelter which leaves Sarawak with way too much power generation capacity after displacing thousands of native Sarawakians and the destruction of hectares of virgin jungle, flora and fauna.
Bakun Dam is a white elephant project on a global scale despite objections from various groups more than 15 years ago.

The Bersih movt would have been killed off earlier on if the electoral reforms issue were addressed. Instead, we have the EC being reactive to obvious flaws in the system.

If the BN folks had supported electoral reforms, there would probably not even have a Bersih 2.0, much less a 3.0.

Fair and equitable elections are for the good of the country ... not just for the Opposition !

Anonymous said...

Good for the country? Call a spade a spade. You were born yesterday? But for sure some are born to be a joker. Mark this statement: The silent majority will cast their vote wisely as they can see the neutrality of Bersih. BTW is the stupid Sabu Sabu knockdown by police car again as 2.0? This was not only stupid but also dumb.. thinking that people are easily fooled.

Anonymous said...

The achi pandi is really a hound dog of opposition. The opposition carnival was full of drama. The hound dogs were successfully seen licking the balls of their master.

Anonymous said...

Bakun? There was a time when Anwar was still in the goverment when he boosted that Bakun is a big development for East M'sia until such a way that the bloody Dam will create a lake more than the size of Singapore. Only people with short memory can be fooled by him... Very very disturbing... creature

Anonymous said...

Dear HL,

I woke up this morning feeling disillusioned...sad. Sad at what our country has turned into. I do not know who/what is to believe anymore. But I do believe that rioting in the street is never right. And I find it hard to believe that some people do. Why dear Malaysians why? I live in the same country, breathe the same air, drink the same water. I just do not understand/see what led to such display of madness.

If the goal is to take over the country by force, then I believe they have got it totally wrong.


Anonymous said...

Amad,I share the frustration same as you. Obviously the opposition is using Bersih as their tool. They are very irresponsible and have no respect of law and order.

Purple Haze said...

It is not balanced to say that the Opposition had no respect for law and order.

The presence of the purple uniformed Unit Amal of PAS indicates that the organisers wanted the demonstration to be orderly.

The yellow shirts of the Bersih supporters also suggests that they wanted to be recognised and that is also part of an orderly event. This is similar to fans of football clubs such as Man Utd who don on thier club's jerseys to be recognised as such. That is also a form of "order".

And HL's public enemy no 1 - Ambiga - has also called for persons who destroyed assets and broke the police barricades to be brought to court. I believe that is respecting the law, bringing criminals to justice.

Can't help also noting that prominent VIPs as mentioned in the Lingamgate affair have not been brought to court despite the findings of the RCI. How come the incumbent govt don't want to prosecute in the name of law and order?

And what about the Altatunya case? The 2 convicted police officers admitted in their testimony that they were instructed to do the deed. Ummm, how come no one is following up to find out WHO ordered the hit ? Isn't that part of law and order to pursue a crime to its logical conclusion ?

Anonymous said...

C'mon if the evidence is concrete nobody in this world can stop them from being able to be charged. You should sniff more...c'mon
Pls help to sniff the DNA too..
C'mon don't wag your tail until you found something no. don't bring the fabricated one...shoo.shoo. shoo