Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is Malaysia Sinking To The Depth Of Ridiculousness

Hantu Laut

When I first read this article I could not make out what LGBT stands for.Only towards the middle, after the writer defined the acronym, did I understand what it stands for.

I am getting used to the crapping of our "too smart for their own good" Malaysians.The smart alec, you can swim or sink with them to their depth of ridiculousness, or call a spade a spade...stupid!

What is wrong with these hypocrites, why can't they just leave these LGBT alone.Leave them in their own world.It's not our business to judge them.If you believe in religion than you should also believe that only God can decide what your genetic blueprint would be.Of course, the hypocrites and the pretenders would not agree and associate it as a sickness, a perversion.

Being gay does not make one a criminal and it is within their democratic rights to stand for public office as afforded to every citizen of this country under our constitution.

Who is this holier than thou Azwanddin Hamzah to decide that they are licentious lot practising free sex and must not be allowed to become elected members. .Where did he gets his statistics from, or he is just another one of those typical misinformed Malaysians who plucked figures from the air, a figment of his overheated imagination, no different from that nit witted UMNO MP Baharom Mohammad who says 30% of Malaysian men are gay and like all Muslim "murtad" they need to be rehabilitated.

There are probably more straight dudes involved in free sex than these minority lots.

How do you rehabilitate one's sexual orientation.Would there be a period of counselling and therapy where the gay men are supplied with women as sex partners to cure their biological disorder, or to make it less costly why not just castrate them, thus making Malaysia a gay free nation.

We would by then have 30% eunuch population.Those holier than thou politicians can then have the eunuchs to guard their harems.

Maybe, we should also research and implement a method of identifying homosexual in newly born babies and cull those found to be gay at birth.

Malaysia would definitely be free of gay people and the government would save a lot of money from building rehabilitation centres to house, feed and convert 30% of her gay population to becoming straight fuckers.

Malaysia is more in dire need of straight arrows than straight fuckers.We have become a nation of ignoramuses and bullshit artists.

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