Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Beginning Of The End Of Pakatan Rakyat:Malays Versus Chinese

Hantu Laut

When you have scolded and scorned a man of age, wisdom and a model of rectitude to the point of injuring his pride and principle, what's the point of asking him to reconsider his decision, and, worst, insulting him by dangling RM50,000.00 carrot to try make him stay. 

So much for a party who wanted to rid this country of corruptions.

Do I feel sorry for Tunku Aziz? No! I feel sorry for Guan Eng for his obstinate foolhardiness and arrogance.

Aren't they all the same, this pot that called the kettle black, think just like the devil they wanted to replace, that money can buy everything and everyone, including your conscience and principle. This time they got the wrong man, a man who does not live by muck and brass.

DAP leader Lim Guan Eng has got so carried away by success, so much so, he has become big-headed and arrogant, showing no respect for other's opinion and similarly no respect for the elders. He thinks he is the king of beasts that scare people when he roars, when he is nothing but a political upstart who behaves arrogantly. 

Democracy and freedom? He can now put the money where his mouth is. 

Little did Lim realise that his punitive action against Tunku Aziz has turned the tide and start the beginning of the Malay exodus from Pakatan Rakyat. By the stroke of his foolhardiness he also confirmed the enduring perception by most Malays that DAP is a chauvinistic Chinese party.This perception, not so much the Aziz factor, may turn away the Malays from supporting Pakatan Rakyat.

The Malays versus Chinese, which I used to brush aside and think is not likely to happen seems to loom larger on the horizon as we get nearer the general elections.The widening rift are caused by irresponsible politicians from both sides of the political divide. 

Some Malay politicians, equally arrogant,  are less subtle than people like Guan Eng.

Raucous politician like Ibrahim Ali, the doyen of Malay chauvinism, is crude,  more open and easier to read than people like Guan Eng who hides under the cloak of equity, equality, freedom and democracy.

Will Tunku Aziz, whose outlook is more Anglophile, be the rallying point for Malay unity?

As they say 'nothing is impossible, it's miracle that takes time'

The tide is turning, the Malays votes may be making a U turn. PAS is now in troubled waters.

The din of racialism is louder now than ever before. The 13th General Elections would see a strong en-bloc Chinese votes for DAP and a stronger en-bloc Malay votes for UMNO.The Indians are not even in the equation as significant voters. In all likelihood they would be with UMNO.

It's a dangerous path that we are taking and who's to blame? 

Certainly, not the ordinary people, it's the greedy politicians who cared for nothing else but their insatiable greed for political power and, by extension, helped line their pockets.

Am I being stupid for saying this after what we saw in Bersih 3, the very mixed crowd that thronged the streets of Kuala Lumpur. 

If you believe in the existence of the devil as much as in God than you must also believe that not all roads lead to Kuala Lumpur.

Don't get me wrong, I may have many Malay friends but I have more close Chinese friends.Friends that I spend more time with and get better understanding of their mindset.

For the moment this suffice, I'll be writing more of this as we get nearer the 13th General Elections, which almost everyone predicted in June.

I have said earlier in this blog that the 13th GE would be after Ramadan and before the year end.

Let's wait and see who got it right.


Anonymous said...

Bro, one towering Malay leaving DAP had suddenly turned the tide? He is still good friend with the father! Maybe too sweeping a scenario.

Do you lump the Ibans, KDM, Kelabits, and other Indigenous people under the umbrella of Malays? Do they all stand with UMNO?

Indians are now the joker in the pack as you rightly observed. Urban young Malays are a different kettle of fish again.

I foresee Sabah and Sarawak where Malays are the minority (if you take away the indigenous people) have a bigger say in government. And that will be a good thing so that UMNO will not have it all their way.

PAS may wane but cannot see Kelantan and maybe Trengganu falling. If they choose the hardline, just like 2004 they will be decimated.

PKR still has enough influence on some Malays.

I am not sure Malays will be 100% or even 70% be with UMNO.


Hantu Laut said...


Obviously, you are not a man of history, I can quote you an endless list of many one man who turned the tide against mega forces by peaceful means.

Just to quote a few, Gandhi of India, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Aquino of the Philippines and very recently Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma.

In Sabah, in 1985 we have Joseph Pairin Kitingan who demolished the mega powerful Harris Salleh and his Berjaya party within a month of the formation of his own party after being sacked by Harris.

Anonymous said...

Agree one person with great integrity and resolve can turn a nation's tide. History is full of such great personalities.

However I think you gave too much credence to Tunku. He may be towering but is he as towering a leader as some of those you mentioned?

How come you did not jump for joy that the same Tunku could change DAP and by it change the nation when he joined the party 4 years ago?

This same Tunku is still against corruption and for Bersih. I do hope he will continue his effort with TI and outside politics, or even if he choose to join UMNO change its feudal rent seeking culture for the sake of our nation.


Purple Haze said...

I would put Tunku Aziz and Zaid Ibrahim in the same category - standing by their priniciples.

Tunku Aziz did not want to toe the line with DAP.

Zaid Ibrahim did not want to to the line with UMNO.

Both have Malaysia's interests at heart.

But neither made a dent with the respective political parties when they left.

HL, kindly note that Gandhi, Mandela, Aquino and Suu Kyi made an impact for their country by standing against the govt of the day and not against the Opposition party in their country. Heck ... they were the Opposition !!!

Thus, it may be premature to signal the end of the Pakatan Rakyat, based on the above.

The PR will collapse if the leadership of the component parties fail to graso the big picture by promoting their self interest too heavily such as hudud law to superced secular laws.

The incumbent govt is missing the boat. Instead of the personality driven character assasination of Anwar, LGE, Tok Guru, Ambiga and the rest, they should be highlighting the achievements attained in resolving the issues of the day such as the education system, corruption, standards of living, productivity, equitable treatment of the rakyat, etc

Anonymous said...

May I add the Indians are now infuriated with the Beef Burger stunts at Ambiga's home! Insensitive and ignorant act. This may drive the Indians who sit on the fence against BN!

The Malays will have to content with more than the Chinese. They have to content with the Indians and the Indigenous People too.


SM said...

Bro HL,

If I recall correctly, immediately (well a few months after anyway) after the last GE you predicted the collapse of "PR".
You are still singing the same tune 4 years later?
Someone once told me "No one's indispensable"! Just because the good Tunku has left DAP over some difference with LGE does not spell the end of the "PR". Although I have an high opinion of Tunku, I don't think his stature is equal to the stature of the Leaders you mentioned in your answer to Anonymous. Plus, I m disappointed in his just up & quitting. He should have looked at other avenues (after all he says he is still close to LKS!).
Yes. I believe the next GE will be called after Raya (TDM has just "advised" Najib to call for the next GE after Raya too) & before Year end (how much longer can Najib wait anyway?!). The longer he waits the more "crap" of UMNO & BN comes to light so he better call it while his star is still shining bright or before the "crap" hits the fan on the Submarine Trial in France.
As for PAS (not so sure of PKR though), even though I'm a non-Muslim, I would vote for them any day over UMNO.

Hantu Laut said...


Welcome back, this blog missed you.Yes, it's true, I did predict the collapse of PR but did I give a time frame?No, I didn't. I still think it's a marriage made in hell.Other than wanting to grab power there have nothing common. Their insidious alliance is insidiously biting them back.

SM, just wait and see, just how well they perform at the 13th GE.

Of course, they already have their standard script. TIPU! accusing the BN of cheating.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 10.56,

You should read my article in the right perspective.I never implied that the Tunku is a big factor.What I say is the Malay perception of DAP as a result of the Tunku's debacle.

Malay supports for Pakatan may flow back to BN.

DAP should stop the bullshit that they are multi-racial, just because they have a token like Tunku Aziz.