Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Salute You Tunku Aziz

Hantu Laut

Tunku Aziz has resigned from DAP, which was not unexpected.

This man used to be my school teacher, a strict disciplinarian and as straight as an arrow. 

A man with so much integrity yet the party that shouted the loudest about corruptions in the country abused his judgement on such triviality as his consternation of Bersih 3 unlawful activity.

Maybe, it's a blessing in disguise for the Tunku, he was never made to fit in such chauvinistic and histrionic environment. The pretension of being squeaky clean when you are not. Do not pretend, there is no Lee Kuan Yew in this country. 

What else could these intellectualy challenged political eunuchs could have said, other than that he has been bought by UMNO.

Can he fits in UMNO, I doubt very much. I don't think he needs UMNO, which has been at the brunt of his anti-corruption crusade.

Obviously, a little success has made DAP big-headed and arrogant.


Purple Haze said...

I'd also salute Tunku Aziz for his decision.

Obviously, driven by his conscience.

I wish other politicians would also listen to their conscience as well so that this beautiful country of ours has leadership who want the country to prosper (and not their wallets).

Anonymous said...

DAP needs to examine how much they have lost.

We need more of such towering Malaysians to speak without fear or favour.

Perhaps he is better off outside politics.


yat said...

you know why he resign? Article for The Star today:


excerpt: “I do not know if it was an act of compassion or the need to compensate me for the loss of the senator's post. He offered me a senior fellowship in the Penang Institute dangling travel as an attraction.

“Then yesterday, Zairil Khir Johari (Guan Eng's political secretary) called and repeated the offer and stated there was a stipend of RM50,000 to go with it.

“I regard the offer as totally insulting. It came from someone who had no sense of respect. Did he think I was that sort of a person?” said Tunku Aziz, adding that he considered the move as an attempt to bribe him.

“This man has no sense of decency. As a senior person, I think it is biadap (uncouth). This was what really made me decide to announce my resignation. I will not work with this man.”