Monday, May 14, 2012

Do Clothes Make The Man?

Hantu Laut

I have never been impressed by this man.As a matter of fact I find him repulsive, can't even remember the last time he made a smart statement.He, definitely, is not a chip of the old bloke.

Home Minister Hishmuddin Onn has poohed on himself so many times I am wondering why is Najib still keeping him as a minister in this very important ministry.

Senator Maijol Mahap asked him about the licenced slot machine clubs mushrooming in Penampang. His response is most pathetic, gone like a runaway train, didn't answer the Senators's question, instead, yapping away about illegal gambling.

I must say, it's a case of two not very clever chaps having a face off that did not bring to bear.The questioner fizzled.

There are so many of these clubs, not only in Penampang, but all over Sabah, which licences were issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance to West Malaysian companies, some, in collaboration with Sabah businessmen.

These clubs are the sources of many family troubles and robbing poor Sabahans of their money.

Are the Federal government so desperate for this petty revenue that they closed their eyes to the social problems that these clubs created.They are not bona fide clubs, but created for the purpose of gambling and enriching some political cronies.

Read his mumbo-jumbo:

Kota Kinabalu: The Home Ministry is aware of illegal gambling activities in Penampang and in fact has taken steps to stop the menace.
Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, however, said the State police's aim is not only to eradicate such activity in Penampang but also throughout Sabah. He was replying to Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap at Dewan Negara, Thursday.
Maijol had asked the Home Ministry to explain why it had allowed this, as if encouraging the growing number of gambling machines in Penampang.
He said the scenario is worrying because if the machines are combined, the number is similar to the number of gambling machines in a large casino.
To this, Hishammuddin pointed out that rapid development in computer technology has contributed to the mushrooming of cyber cafes in Sabah.
According to him, Sabah police in 2011 carried out a total of 438 raids and inspections on premises throughout the State during which they managed to seize a total of 2,145 slot machines.
"Police also arrested 281 people for various offences including the caretakers of the premises, its employees and the patrons as well during the raids and inspections," he said.
From January to March this year, he said police conducted a total of 184 raids and inspections in Sabah where a total of 429 slot machines were seized and 81 people arrested on various offences.
In Penampang's case, he said, the district police have been gathering intelligence and are taking action on all the information received.
Last year, Hishammuddin said police carried out a total of 15 raids and inspections that netted 331 machines and saw 61 people charged with gambling offences.
From January to March this year, he said police carried out a total of 13 raids and inspections in Penampang where 75 gambling machines were seized and 11 people arrested.
"The State police at all levels, including at district level, will continue their concerted efforts to impose stricter action in curbing this criminal offence.
The police are also always ready to work with all quarters in their efforts to overcome and address the problem," he said.

Just look at the way he handled the Bersih debacle, he says one thing and the police say another thing, which shows he never consulted the police before opening his big mouth.

Let's hope Najib drop him in the next GE, he is an embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

bro.. please leave a space after a full stop.

Purple Haze said...

Aiyoyo, HL

You are sounding like an Opposition blogger, calling for the removal of a BN Minister, who is the PM's cousin, no doubt.

Even criticising his handling of events.

Watch out HL. The UMNO cyber troopers might hack you for being anti-BN.


Anonymous said...

Here is one UMNO CTs(not the communist kind lah!) who agree with HL. All this while I thought I was alone!