Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do Gay People Need To Be Married ?

Hantu Laut

Do gay people need to get married? 

Since time immemorial the marriage institution has always been a sacred union between men and women and with a God-driven purpose........other than sexual pleasure, copulation to procreate the human race. The same goes in the animal kingdom, probably, minus the pleasure, as animals do not possess intelligence, they have fucking small and undeveloped brains, so sex has become Mother Nature's multiplier.

Although, I appreciate that homosexuality is a normal variation in human sexuality and not in itself unnatural and dysfunctional but the question is what is the purpose of gay marriage? Do they fuck each other to bear children? The obvious answer is not. Than why the need to get married? 

Why don't they just live together in sin.

Has Obama become a man of impulse, the blind follow the blind. Just because his deputy, Vice President Biden Jr supported gay marriage, he must do the same.

Read Obama's 360 degrees round turn on his sudden impulse to support gay marriage.

Good luck Mr President.


Azli Jamil said...

It is all about legal protection.
If people decide to share their lives, shouldn't they be legally protected and entitled to whatever money that should come their way in the event of death or dissolution of marriage?

Purple Haze said...


For the heterosexual people out there, don't get married (ie. a man and a woman) unless you want to have children.

If you don't want to have kids, don't get married.

Unfortunately, in many European and North American countries, there are a number of issues connected to "marriage" such as healthcare and financial/taxation matters.

Without going into details, a couple/family get more benefits for the dollar than an individual.

Hence, the gay marriage issue is not just about getting into bed. However, the LBGT community is not satisfied with "civil unions" which more or less provide for those legal matters.

Thus, the debate boils down to whether "marriage" is defined to be between a man and a woman or not. My personal view is that it is.