Friday, May 11, 2012

Amigagate Got A Burger, Testing Her Constitution

Hantu  Laut

Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you! Amiga gets dose of her own medicine.

Free country mah! Why complained.Those guys just doing their business, albeit, illegally.

Why lodge police report!

The proper authority to deal with this kind of problem is DBKL or the local council of the area where she lives. 

For sure, half-past-six lawyer, don't even know where to go or what to do.

Nothing would have happened if she had ignored them and let it be, but she wants publicity so badly she called for reinforcements from her fellow NGOs, Malaysiakini, etc, who are as blur as she is.

However, they have not trespassed into her property and committed an offence.They are just testing her constitution, for which she failed miserably to take it in her stride.

They are horrified! Over such petty matter ?

What about 27 million Malaysians horrified by Amiga, Anwar and Bersih ?

Not knowing whether the country would descend into civil strife and chaos.


Anonymous said...

Using the oft-used comments of the American Idol judges; "you nailed it bro!". Do not fully agree as they are breaking the law... and what distributing unhealthy, cholesterol-laden junk food some more...give free some more.


Hanz said...

Ah Ambiga is a civies, easy to be provoked. But she proves a point, why creat a precedent? What if some quarters starts selling burgers or mee goreng in front of Hisham's or Nazri's resident? I pity Malaysia coz all politicians are so screwed up and Lost.

Anonymous said...

ohh dia boleh buat...langgar undang2...tak orang lain tak boleh...kenapa? brahmin ke?

Anonymous said...

Respek sama lu org le brader burger,buat selamba je bukak kedai depan rumah ambiga.look like she has no clue what to say about it...she miserably get her own meds...hahahaha.Meniaga secara aman...hehehe..that's nice one la.harap bukak lagi kedai ni selalu depan rumah dia,baru dia tau langit tinggi rendah.ape ke bahalol org nak bukak kedai depan rumah PM lak,tak de kena mengena pun..mmg dia dah clueless!!!

WanTebu said...

what a idiot.
thousands of people being monkey during Bersih 3.0 = democracy

less than 10 people selling burger outsid house = invading her privacy.

scumbag ambiga

Anonymous said...

Good job brader prove yr point.baik punye remark meniaga secara aman...hahahaha.Achi tu look clueless tak tau apa nak cakap.melalut adele.apekebende org nak niaga depan rumah nazri pulak,tak de kena mengena langsung!

Purple Haze said...

Since that is a residential area, will DBKL take any action since it is public knowledge that these food sellers are cooking and selling their products in what I would suspect is in an area NOT zoned for commercial purposes?

If they don't take action to haul the stalls away (as they do on a regular basis elsewhere) does this mean that the acolytes of the ruling party are above the law ?

HL, I do believe that you are a law abiding person. Is favouritism in law acceptable ?

Anonymous said...

Excuse & forgive me for going at a tangent. I learned this from 'their' cybertroopers!
It is about the picture accompanying the story.
You see the faces of Yambiga's supporters? No aura at all. Everyone has 'dry' face one! In simple English, box face, no persuasive power one!

Hantu Laut said...

Purple Haze,

Certainly not, nobody should be above the law.As I have said Amiga should have called DBKL and if they don't come and remove those people than she can make a big issue out of it.I am surprise, she is a lawyer, she should know making police report in this case is pointless as they did not trespass her compound or harass or threaten her, they only offer her a burger.The police cannot take action.

Anonymous said...

So Hantu Laut...

how come DBKL not doing anything about it?? Surely if they are conscientious and impartial, no report is required, right? Anytime..anywhere..anybody..breaks this ruling, as the enforcer, shouldn't they be there in good time to take action accordingly.

Anonymous said...

how could DBKL do anything if the bitch didn't take the matter to them but instead reported it to the police?

in any case since when did she show any regard to the police or to any ordinance of DBKL for that matter!

ini bukan bandar bapak dia punya! if you can dish, you should be able to take it also.

so she shd take the burger like the bitch that she is, lah!