Friday, May 25, 2012

The Purple Prose !

Hantu Laut

Remember! When we first learned to write English we were told about the correct usage of the language. 

Never start a sentence with a conjunction, an adjective is always followed by a noun and so forth. Those were the infant days of our learning process.

As many of you would know the English language has many pitfalls on the correct usage of words and grammar. 

Some of us do break the rules, murdering the language, preferring style over conformity.Some, killed the story they wrote with prolixity, quantity over substance. Some, are verbose, wordy and long-winded and the story got lost in translation. Some, are just not adapt to writing but tried anyway and got lost in the twilight world of ignorance. 

If you think that's all funny, nothing beats over-the-top word's there staring right at you.

PKR holds Umno responsible for ‘night of bloodshed’ in Lembah Pantai

Only two people were hurt in the fracas. The editor should be stoned for this laughable mix of contradiction and exaggeration.

The night saw a senior citizen suffering an open wound to the head after being hit with a stone and a 12-year-old possibly breaking her wrist.

What the hell a 12-year old doing attending a political ceramah? It shows Malaysian parents bear no discipline themselves exposing their kids to the smutty world of politics at such tender age.

"bloodshed" -slaughtermassacrekilling,woundingcarnagebutcherybloodlettingbloodbathviolence,fightingwarfareliterary slaying.

From Lim Kit Siang's blog by Mariam Mokhtar
To make these links is to overlook decades of known atrocities committed by Umno to control the rakyat. We cannot ignore the wider picture in an effort to seek easy answers and scapegoats to explain these abhorrent actions.

The tragedy of May 13 was blamed on worsening Malay-Chinese relations, the Memali incident on a banned Islamic sect and the murder of Altantuya on a greedy vindictive woman. Scratch beneath the surface and a different picture emerges.
"atrocities" -cruelty,enormityoutragehorrormonstrosityobscenityviolationcrime,abusebarbaritybarbarismbrutalitysavageryinhumanity,wickednesseviliniquity
Some become a joke unto themselves.
The purple prose!


PecahPalakMikir said...

salam perjuangan bro
Boleh menumpang berjuang dipautan blog ini

Purple Haze said...

I think the use of the words "bloodshed" and "atrocities" must have been derived or attributed to statements made by Najoib in 1987regarding "bathing his keris with the blood of the Chinese" purpotedly in Kampung Baru in 1987.

I said purportedly as the PM has denied making such a statement.

Then, there is one time UMNO Youth chief Hishamuddin who unsheathed his keris twice at the UMNO General Assembly. This is a fact.

By contrast, there does not appear to be any reports of other political parties (both pro-govt and Opposition) that have brandished weapons or talked of using weapons or violent means(even allegedly) against other Malaysians.

Then of course, a former PM has inferred on his blog recently that the Opposition will resort to "unceasing violence" should they (the Opposition) lose the next General Election.

One could be mistaken to thinking that the govt is afraid of its people.