Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why Malays Should Not Fear DAP And Should Join en-masse ?

Hantu Laut

Excerpts from SakmongkolAK47's "Malays should not fear the DAP"

The DAP is a democratic party committed to the rule of law, good governance and good government. It abhors corruption and abuse of political office. To me those are attractive propositions. UMNO on the other hand has turned its back on these. It harps only on one primal worry of Malays- when UMNO is threatened it shares the threat with Malays at large. So a threat to UMNO is translated mindlessly into a threat to Malays as a whole. Nothing can be farther from the truth. That is how UMNO has approached politics in Malaysia basically- make its fears public, make the gains private for selected Malays within UMNO.

To the Chinese UMNO is also a chauvinist Malay party except, their leaders can be easily bought. The Malay will sell all to abandon their cause. Er…correction, the UMNO Malay, I mean.

I would also like to respond by saying- why Malays should consider joining DAP en masse. It’s a party committed to democratic principles and rule of law. I can only imagine, so many can prosper under a regime of freedom of speech within DAP. I can speak on the plight of the displaced and disowned Malays with more energy than allowed of in UMNO. The interest of Malays can be fought of on any political platform other than UMNO. That is what UMNO fears. Its monopoly is broken.

So the past week I have had many friends calling me asking whether it’s true I am joining DAP? Some folks in my hometown, Pekan refer to me now as Dato DAP. I find the responses somewhat amusing and comical

I see a sense of hopelessness. They cannot attack our nationalist credentials because we are as Malay as they are too ( to some we are , in fact more Malay in appearance and in thinking) – so they do what they do best. Attack me on the personal side. No big deal. My advice to these UMNO bloggers is simple. Please stop telling lies about me, and I promise not to tell the truth about you people. And telling the truth about you people includes telling the truth about top UMNO leaders including the PM who is Pekan UMNO division head.

If we are so easily beatable, then why all the fuss?  We can’t do damage to invincible UMNO. We on the other hand, see UMNO as the party before, presently and forever stealing, pillaging and ruining the country.

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I personally do not know the writer, but from what I gathered he was a former UMNO assemblyman in Pahang but was rejected to stand again during former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad's tenure. 


dad said...

kasik depa pelajaran baguih supaya boleh tolong melayu. tapi bila dah pandai, tolong perut dia.
bila tak dpt, tolong org tak da kene mengena.
dia kata dia terer? piiii laa!

eddy said...

After how the DAP leaders treated Tunku Aziz the man they invited to join a few years back, only stupid and frustrated Malays would join the DAP.

Anonymous said...

Tu lah salah UMNO jugak. Yang intelek tidak dapat naik kerana kuatir tak dapat kontrol dan kena bahagi-bahagi harta dan jawatan.

Dah merebak sampai ke Cawangan pun.

Biar yang bodoh sombong yang tinggal kat parti. Mesti menimpa maut suatu hari.

Tak percaya? Try sebut sahaja nak calonkan sendiri kat cawangan dan tengoklah reaksi ketua cawangan tu.

UMNO dah tak demokratik lagi dah.

Tyko Kampung said...

The guy is just a poster boy for DAP (an ugly one if I may add). It was not written in Malay and therefore not really an attempt to really enticed the whole Malays to join DAP. It looks more like DAP trying win the heart of the so-called liberal Malays in the wake of the Tunku Aziz saga. Anyway, after reading his posting, I felt like putting more distance away from DAP rather than being drawn nearer to them. No real harm had been done here

Anonymous said...

Ask Semongkol whether his father and grandfather would like to join DAP or not? With so many fathers he has to find, has he found one?

Purple Haze said...

It is interesting to read the comments made by readers that seem to be disparaging the person.

How about critqueing his argument which I think was summarised in his statement "The interest of Malays can be fought of on any political platform other than UMNO. That is what UMNO fears. Its monopoly is broken."

Can we ever move past ethnic based politics ?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that this guy, a brilliant fellow I believe, a one-term ADUN, failed division information chief, only saw the light after he was chucked out from being a UMNO candidate in the 2008 elections. There must be a good reason why he was not chosen after serving only one term. It was only then that he started writing the way he has done.

Early on it was to ingratiate himself with Khairy Jamaluddin but having failed that attempt he began this 'crusade' against Najib.

Is it because he is already in financial straights after having sold off the shares he obtained while in UMNO? No more sources of income to maintain his new lifestyle?

One needs to understand the motives of people like this before buying into their 'cause'. Remember that Pemuda UMNO guy in Perak who changed parties because he couldn't profit from his sand business?

Inspite of the cynical world of politics we strive to find genuine people to lead us. Is it this quality - genuineness - that we find wanting in people who change sides for the flimsiest of reasons? However 'intelligently' they put forth their case, I always find it a bit hard to be convinced.

SM said...

Bro HL,

It's not a matter of whether Malays will want to join DAP.
UMNO and PAS are Malay to the core.
The only reason for a Malay to join DAP is to spite UMNO or alternatively joining an Islamic Party is too scary.
Some silly lackeys commenting here seem to think that the DAP treated Tunku Aziz badly. I think it was more of a clash of personalities between LGE & the good Tunku (as I said before, Tunku A still considers LKS as a good & trusted friend. Nothing to do with the DAP). Tunku A's comments were mainly against LGE NOT the DAP.

UMNO has shown that it cannot & will not change. No matter how much Najib tries to change his party & no matter how much Malaysians trust Najib, everyone still considers UMNO as a Corrupted & Racist Party (just look at Muhyiddin! I would vote for Najib BUT NOT for Muhyiddin).

Of course the DAP can benefit with a few more Malays but they will have to shake off their "Chinese" Persona first. And in Malaysia Racism is still alive & strong. Nothing will change until a new generation of Malaysians grow up (sadly, definitely not in my life time bro!)

Anonymous said...

DAP is definite for on race only, just asked some of the members in BM, you hardly can get a erply in good Bm or no Bm at all, and yet they call themselves MALAYSIAN even the foreign workers be it vietnamese,nepales,bangla they can pick up Bm, within a short time, so in order to actract the Malays no English just BM otherwise SAKMONGKOL is that siamese name? Only urban english speaking Malays like you who are proud to write speak your adopted native language will may be join you. SEMANGAT TANAH MELAYU MASIH SEGAR dan kehilangan Singapura masih terasa lukanya so NO TO DAP aka PAP.