Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bersih 3 Video: The Stinkpot Calling The Kettle Black

Hantu Laut

Lim Kit Siang  issued a challenge to the Home Ministry not to edit the Bersih video which the ministry intend to show the public on why police took action against rioters that day. FMT report here.

What is this DAP muscleman talking about? Does he think all Malaysians are stupid to buy the Bersih sob story.

Below is a video released by DAP on Bersih 3,  slashed, cut, edited and finally audited and approved by DAP leaders for release to the public to hoodwink the people.

Watch the video lopsidedness, aggressive and unrestrained attack on the police and government.

How come the one below was not included in your video.

I can show you many more of such unruly and dangerous behaviour of the Bersih supporters, whom I presumed have been told to start trouble to  engage the police to take action so you guys can manipulate the issue to put the police and the government in a bad light.

If the police did not nip it in the bud there would have been wholesale rioting which the oppositions hope would destabilise the government and its imminent downfall,  which the opposition can fill in the vacuum,  if it had been successful.

You should have realised by now that even the Western media and politicians are getting suspicious of Anwar Ibrahim and questioning his real intention. Is it a fight for a freer and more democratic Malaysia or is it a fight for Anwar Ibrahim to be prime minister?

Come on Kit Siang! Can't you guy come up with something more constructive other than your usual stirring the shit, slinging the shit and re-circling the shit.

It just makes the whole bunch of you looking stupid, dwelling on the same subjects and re-circling old issues every now and then. 

The educated fools may buy your story but the uneducated ones can tell a shit when they see one.


Anonymous said...

were you there? i was n saw what happened so don try your spin ok? we no stupid

Gram Kong said...

Anonymous 643,

Yes, Genghis Khan was there too, he was the one who reported to me.Yes, you no stupid, I no clever.

Purple Haze said...

It was reported in Parliament that a total of 909 tear gas canisters and 58 tear gas grenades were used by the Police in the April 28 Bersih rally.

This was 4 times more than the 262 tear gas canisters used in the June 2011 Bersih rally.

Is this excessive use by the Police or deemed necessary ?