Saturday, June 2, 2012

I’ll shut up if they speak up

Hantu Laut

Have I been wrong about Anwar Ibrahim, his hypocrisy, lies, contemptuous pretence and false facade of rectitude? 

I have not and will not change my mind about this man.

It is my earnest hope that Pakatan Rakyat would pick someone else to be prime minister to lead this nation should they be successful in capturing Putrajaya.

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I inherited two things from my late father, who passed away in 2004. 

One, from his estate, the other from witnessing, at age 15, his stern and uncompromising handling of a traffic cop who tried to  solicit a RM3 bribe.

My first mentioned inheritance was a pair of Baden Powell cuff links.

Boy scouts may be familiar with this.

The second is one of zero tolerance for any form of corruption.

At age 19, then in my 6th Form, I lodged my first report with the then Biro Pencegah Rasuah against 2 police officers who sought a bribe for an alleged traffic offence close to the Rex cinema whilst driving my sister’s VW Golf.

In my first year of legal practise, I stopped my car and asked a bank officer I was giving a lift to get out after he sought gratification for debt recovery work he proposed to have referred to our firm from his branch.

More BPR reports against a court bailiff, a legal officer in an insurance company and a recovery manager in a share broking firm, all of whom sought corrupt gratification.
I suspect it is a genetic thing, as all my siblings are similarly afflicted.

3 days ago, I sent the following sms to Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali.

 “Pls see RPK’s latest post. U must respond. silence is not an option”.

 No, I was not expecting a return sms from either Anwar or Azmin and I can confirm now that I did not  receive any. Read more.

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