Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why Are There Fireworks At PAS "Hijau" Rally?

Hantu Laut

My late grandfather, a devout Muslim once told me that extravagance and wastefulness are sinful in Islam. Greed, of any kind is destructive to men and we should only spend on things we need, not on things we covet. These are transgressions considered fatal to spiritual progress of the faith.

Unlike Christianity, which divides sin into 2 categories, venial sin and mortal sin and forbid indulgence of the 7 deadly sins, Islam has similarities, but do not divides sin into categories, consider sin as an act and not state of being.

Many of us transients, probably, commit some of them every day without even realising it.

What about people who claimed virtue, piousness and strict adherence to the religion. People like those in PAS, they who wear the Islamic badge?

Why are there fireworks at PAS 'hijau" rally last night in Alor Star. The burning of fireworks is considered extravagance, the same as gluttony, which is considered a sin in Islam.

Report indicated anything between 50,000 to 150,000 of these pious subject attending the rally.

Would PAS consider the use of fireworks as something un-Islamic just like the many objections they had to foreign artists performing in Malaysia.

The photo below shows fireworks in the background. The story from FMT here.

Is the photo real or another one of the opposition's bluff.

A puffery, a CGI, if you may!

See the real ones at:

Read more of the opposition and pro-opposition wayang kulit (shadow play) here and here.


Purple Haze said...

A bit of constructive criticism, if you may ?

This post seems to focus on your venting on the presence of fireworks at a PAS rally which you feel is extravagant.

I think this is a waste of your intellect to harp on a trivial issue like this when the larger picture is whether the rally actually garnered 50,000 or more participants.

The lack of reporting of this by the MSM and the pro-govt blogs seems to indicate that comment on this gathering is not encouraged.

The other aspect is whether these participants were paid to attend, as has been alleged of pro-govt rallies (and with some evidence provided in come blogs).

I don't have the answers but I thought that you should be writing on the substantive issues instead of the trivial.

Just trying to be constructive. No offence meant.

Anonymous said...

I think you must open your mind instead of harping on this. This country is changing whether we like it or not.The rakyat will decide on their govt and they will deserve what they vote for. Do not for one moment try to fool them bcos they know, they know