Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Would Some Of You Ladies Like Your Head On A Beautiful Body Of A Porn Star?

Hantu Laut

FMT reports here.  

As anticipated, the spinning wheel continue to spin the improbable probables. 

In the words of a political analyst in Hong Kong the late Altantuya was airdrop into Paris under the cover of darkness, that's why there was no record of her entry into the country.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a political analyst pointed out that just because the records do not show her entering France, it did not mean that she was not there.

So! Who is this freaking political analyst who suddenly become an expert in criminology?

Malaysiakini reported that in 2007 news portal Asia Sentinel had published a series of photographs depicting Altantuya in Paris, among others, posing in front of the Notre Dame Chatedral.

The one below certainly looked like her, the head only, the body belong to someone else.

Don't believe?

Remember the haughty Raja Petra Kamaruddin and his bevy of beauties.The doctored photograph below. Well crafted, isn't it?

Can you spot the difference?

Remember Tian Chua, the moronic PKR half-baked forger with his shoddy handiwork below.

With today's technology switching different heads onto different bodies is as simple as ABC.

Would some of you ladies like you head on the body of a porn star, a really beautiful body?


SM said...

Bro HL,

Good points & agreed.
However, you failed to mention that there is no record of Altantuya having visited Malaysia also. All her Immigration records were either erased (really ah?) or strangely lost (more likely given the qualifications & aptitude of our Civil Servants).
So Najib's ex-Bodyguards should be set free since Altantuya was never in Malaysia either!

Purple Haze said...

Thus was reported by Asia Sentinel

1) In a sworn affidaviit recorded on Oct. 31, 2006, and read to the High Court in Kuala Lumpur by Razak Baginda’s lawyer, Wong Kian Kheong on Jan. 19, 2007, the political analyst said he had carried on a romance with Altantuya Shaariibuu, who died at age 28. The couple went from Hong Kong to China to Singapore, Malaysia – and France – from the end of 2004 to sometime in August of 2005, when he dumped her

2) On Dec. 5, 2007, Asia Sentinel published 10 pictures of Altantuya in a variety of poses on a variety of locations in Paris including in front of Louis Vuitton’s iconic store as well as the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral de Notre Dame, the Place de Concorde and other locations. At least one blogger questioned whether the pictures were faked. They were transmitted to Asia Sentinel by the Mongolian Honorary Consul to Malaysia, who would hardly have been suspected of faking them.

For (1) maybe Razak Baginda erred in his affidavit.

For (2) maybe they were photoshopped as HL has implied but the source of the photo makes it somewhat dubious.

But this is Malaysia. Semua ok.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Notre Dame it was the Duomo Milan, in Italy:

Altantuya by the Milan Duomo, Italy

Interested in comment by 'Purple Haze'. Particularly the 'transmitted' part. I'd love to see the original digital media. I think Asia Sentinel must have altered the images (cropped, at least) for the web - there's "Adobe Photoshop" data embedded in their image files.

At about the same time as Malaysia was buying Scorpenes from France, it was also buying Agusta helicopters from Italy. That's only a coincidence until someone links it with hard information.