Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nut Cases Independent Observers : Appointed By God Of PKR.

Hantu Laut

They called themselves independent observers but handpicked and appointed by Anwar Ibrahim.

By any stretch of your imagination how could this bunch of nut cases be independent if majority of them are Anwar's friends.

Which world body appoint them to speak? Did the UN sanctioned them to delve into Malaysia's electoral processes?

There is only one thing I can conclude on this deceptive and erroneous venture.

Anwar Ibrahim consider you Malaysians stupid, gullible and like the fishes can be easily baited. 

Who is this dickhead? 

A well known associate of Anwar who is alway critical of the Malaysian government and campaigned hard against our palm oil by labelling it fatty and dangerous. When he became very close to Anwar he withdrew his crusade against our palm oil.

Can you trust a man with two faces?

A few friends, gullible as ever, have told me, it is no more about Anwar Ibrahim, it's about democracy.

Do you see anything democratic in Pakatan Rakyat, people like Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang who can't tolerate differences of opinion.

You must be blind if you can see any semblance of democracy in them.Many of my friends have already joined the long queue to vote for....."change for the sake of change".To them I wish good luck. This is a free country, vote whoever you think can bring the best for the country.

Remove Anwar from the equation and you will see Pakatan Rakyat crumbles like a house of cards.

The Pakistani idiot want to talk about democracy? What kind of democracy they have in Pakistan where killing, mass murder and bloodshed occurred every day.They have hanged one prime minister, assassinated two and bombed countless civilians and their helplessly pathetic government was unable to stop the carnage. Is this the kind of freedom we want to learn from this people?

The Indonesian bugger pride himself in his new found freedom but forgot there have been religious clashes between Muslims and the minority Christians with many Christians ended up being gruesomely murdered, some beheaded and their heads placed on stakes for all and sundry to see. They have bombed innocent Westerners for no rhyme or reason. The freedom in his country had also allowed angry mob to threaten our embassy, burning our flag and pelleting the embassy with rotten eggs.Is this the kind of freedom we want?

The rest of the speakers is not even worth my salt to talk about. 

The Aussie bugger, leader of the pack...... as the Malay would say... pantat ayam!

If that's democracy, I'll be damned, fuck it!

Shame on you, Anwar!

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Anonymous said...

Anwar has been treated like a God by his supporters. The God that likes sex with both genders. Let's vote for him and change M'sia to a free sex country. Screwing your best friends' wife is no problem as long as she is willing partner. M'sia counts on you.

Anonymous said...

I for one never truly believe all these stories about death threats. Mcm so convenient like that.

shaf said...

What does 'pelleting' mean? ("pelleting the embassies with rotten eggs"). Is this a new method of political protest as in 'occupying times square'? I would like to learn this new practice for our next Bersih rally. I know about pelting obnoxious politicians with rotten eggs and over ripe tomatoes, but I never heard of pelleting embassies with rotten eggs before. Is it like sending a pallet of rotten eggs to your favorite embassy?

Gram Kong said...


You are teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs.First check with your English teacher, than check with your dictionary before you jump to conclusion.

Pellet, can be a noun or verb, as a verb it can carry the same meaning as pelt.

Of course you have not hard of 'pelleting' because of your poor vocabulary.