Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spooky Tales Of Pakatan Leaders Of Murder And Assassination.

Hantu Laut

The spooky tales of Pakatan leaders of threats to their "life and limb" by elements in UMNO and Perkasa, so they say.

From Anwar Ibrahim who took refuge at the Turkish embassy for fear of assassination after the sodomy accusation here to death threat to her daughter Nurul Izzah's life here and murder attempt again on Anwar here

Believe it or not it is a dangerous world they live in. Has Malaysia become the "Wild Wild West" where political duel are settled with a bullet in your head? 

Not for the first time, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng again had a brush with death here and slammed the police here for not giving him adequate protection.After calling the police all sort of names what do you expect. 

This is a dangerous country get you own bodyguards Mr Lim.If that's not enough carry your own gun for added protection which you are permitted to as a chief minister.

Bersih mastermind and chief operating officer S.Ambiga is again in the limelight yet with another death threat sent to her through email.The last thing anyone would use to send a death threat or warn you of impending threat to your life is an email. It'll take the police minutes to trace the sender and what did this smart or not so smart lawyer do, she withheld the identity of the sender in order to protect the source.

How are the police going to do their work if you withheld evidence that have come into your possession. If you don't trust the police why make a police report in the first place?

The email sent to her read "Beware hired guns out to kill you" and claimed that a particular group had contracted two thugs to terminate her .Reported here.

This was a second death threat the Bersih leader received this year.

From the day Anwar took refuge in the Turkish Embassy till today he is still alive and kicking, so is the daughter, so is Lim Guan Eng and of course not forgetting our dear lady Ambiga who again is in imminent danger of being assassinated.

Well, what can one say, it all make a good script for a Hollywood blockbuster.


stone said...

AI will still be around unless the CIA got another puppet..

BN needs AI alive.. AI dead can do lots of damage to BN.. ppl will point to BN if anything happen to AI.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the HIV and the other sort of things he had lied to Malaysian. We are a kind of society that can be easily be fooled by him and easily forgive him. Let's vote for a liar and Malaysia will be blessed!! M'sia will count on you.

Anonymous said...

I can understand your partisan views on the opposition. BN nd PR are no angels either but the FUCKING LINE IS DRAWN WHEN YOU ATTACK THEIR FAMILIES UNDERSTAND!! Did you ever learn about "budi bahasa dan bersopan santun????? from your parents!!!