Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stand By Your Man - "My Husband Is No Chua Soi Lek"

Hantu Laut

She was asked to clear the air of what was reported in various blogs about her husband's indiscretion and her bashing his lover and kicking her out of his office.

It is normal to seek clarification in parliament or state assembly on issues effecting the government.No elected member should lose a night's sleep over such matter unless there is some truth to it. 

A simple "NO" for an answer would have sufficed and case closed. Why the guttering, politicising and blowing the issue out of proportion?

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's wife Betty Chew blew her top when asked by Malacca MCA chief Gan Tian Loo in the state assembly about her husband's infidelity.

"I am no Chua Soi Lek" Lim Guan Eng says and repeated by his wife "My husband is no Chua Soi Lek" here.

Poor Chua has become the most whacked philanderer by women who wish to stand by their man, guilty or otherwise. 

Pakatan men don't screw around nor are they corrupted, they are as clean as the whistle, only those from BN are, and, of course, the biggest fuckers and the most venal are in UMNO.

What has Chua got to do with another MCA elected member's screw-up? Don't you think Chua is a real man for owning up? Many would have lied through their teeth to save their skin.

Remember the spitting image of the man with a China doll in the sex video? Pakatan leaders say it was a fake, the wife says it was a fake, the daughter says it was a fake but the expert says was not a fake, it was him, it was the same man but than experts are human, can make mistakes. Pakatan leaders are humans too, but mistakes, they don't make.

There seems to be a pattern in the Pakatan's camp of wives coming to the rescue of their husband's straying, true or false, does not matter, must stand by your man.

 Anwar Ibrahim is one very lucky man to have an unwavering wife, stood by him, through thick and thin.

In Pakatan, it's family business as usual.


Anonymous said...

HL, what dat gal means is: "I tell you wat, my own licensed property won't raise his head one, not like C#L's very strong and hard as proven in the cd mah!"

vinnan said...

'Poor Chua has become the most whacked philanderer by women who wish to stand by their man, guilty or otherwise.'

Where is the CD assh;le? Chua Soi Lek in the eyes of the Chinese is nothing more than an anjing kurap UMNO. UMNO should distance themselves from that Chua porno actor dog if they are really interested in getting Chinese votes. However, we all know UMNO does not want a real leader to head the MCA. Since UMNO is unhappy with the 40-45% of the Chinese votes in the 2008 GE the we are going to reduce it to 20% leaving only the MCA dogs and their families to support UMNO.

Anonymous said...

"vinnan", did you proof-read your comment before 'publishing your comment'?
Being a Chinese also shame ah? Using an Indian moniker. Waste of money paying your type of cybertrooper!

Anonymous said...

What's so great about admitting to sex scandals?

BN are just too famous in all of these to teach other people about morality. Remember all the sexists jokes in parliament?

What a farce!

Purple Haze said...

Unfortunately for Chua, despite whatever good he achieves, it will always be soiled by his indiscretions.

His legacy, as is Bill Clinton's is the loss of their moral compass while in positions of power.

That is what people wiil remember them as.

The MCA assemblyman should repeat his allegation in public and not under immunity in the State Assembly, if such allegations are true.

This will force LGE to resign.

But if the MCA assemblyman does not do so, then why even bring this up ?

Ironically, Chua Soi Lek was set up by his own associates in MCA NOT by the Opposition.