Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Man Who Overestimated His Worth

Hantu Laut

As predicted earlier in this blog Lajim Ukin will be sacked from his ministerial post and the party. UMNO has sent him a show cause letter why he should not be sacked from the party. 

Lajim completely misread the Prime Minister's mind game and think that he would plead for him to stay. 

A man who overestimated his worth.

Big mistake taunting the PM. His sandiwara of wanting the PM to cajole him to stay and demand the sacking of Musa Aman backfired, blown right in his face. 

This self-serving politician has a lesson or two to learn that the days of the frogs are over.It reflects a lack of moral standard and frown upon by the people. 

Lajim Ukin has been sacked from his deputy minister's post with immediate effect. The Yang Dipertuan Agong has consented to his dismissal.

The talk around town is that he, Wilfred Bamburing and the independence for Sabah crusader Jeffery Kitingan would lose miserably in the forthcoming elections. Even SAPP's Yong Teck Lee is not expected to do well with high probability he and other SAPP candidates contesting in Chinese dominated constituencies losing their seats to DAP.

DAP will be making its mark in Sabah in the 13th GE, expected to capture a number of parliamentary seats in Chinese dominated areas.Most state seats would be retained by BN with one or two going to DAP.

Sure of itself winning, DAP may not want to give way to other parties in the opposition to contest the seats they have earmarked for themselves.

Again, the oppositions would falter, everyone of them think they are a force to be reckoned with but only one would prevail, DAP.

PKR and PAS are non-starters in Sabah politics.Anwar would be foolish to think that with Lajim and Wilfred in his fold PKR's star would shine brighter. PKR has failed the day it sats foot in Sabah, forever embroiled in leadership tussle, and if anything to go by, it is worse than UMNO. Sabahan leaders in the party were pushed aside and replaced by leaders from Kuala Lumpur. 

All UMNO state leaders in Sabah are Sabahans and a number of them sat in the UMNO Supreme Council.

Anwar Ibrahim does not trust Sabahans and think most are intellectually deficient.

The wind of change is not blowing hard enough to displace the BN stranglehold on Sabah.  Sabahans have resigned to the fact that voting for Pakatan would only be exchanging one Federal devil with another, from one they already know to one that promised the that could hasten the bankruptcy of this nation. 

They have lost count of the promises they made....which again showed the contradictory and hypocritical nature of Pakatan's leaders, harping on the debt to GDP ratio of the present government but lost count of the promises they made that could bankrupt the nation in the first year of them taking office. 

Smart Malaysians should realise that those are just empty promises fishing for votes, it is impossible to implement all that they have promised. 

Majority of Sabahans do not trust Anwar Ibrahim. During his days in UMNO he has shown his ruthlessness and undemocratic ways against the opposition and is viewed as a self-serving and reckless political speed merchant who can turn colour as fast as the chameleon.

He has offered Lajim the chief minister post if Pakatan wins the elections. Sabahans should be prepared for another chief minister who most likely to run up gambling debts to the millions.

Watch this video and see how the hypocrite blasted Najib on the Perak debacle.The pot calling the kettle black.Still Malaysians do not see through this man lies, contradictions and hypocrisy.

As more and more joint the opposition's fray, the more divided the opposition will be, giving BN the edge in Sabah and Sarawak.

Pakatan's leaders were wrong in saying that Najib would not call for elections this year because of the two frogs leaving the BN. The two will not put a chink in the BN's armour and I believe the GE would be held before end of the year. 

Malaysia's opinion polls, just like the opposition's mouthpieces are mind-benders rather than one that authenticate the truth. For what it is worth, should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Both Lajim and Wilfred are not political heavyweights and are only good in the kampong they came from and one kampong does not make a constituency. Sabah rural constituency can consist of many scattered kampongs and not all are align to the incumbent.

For Lajim and Wilfred, the BN war machine will work extra hard to make sure they lose miserably. In Sabah money speaks louder than words and can win the day.

Sabah are full of self-serving politicians just waiting for the right moment to switch allegiance when their money dried up and they could no longer replenish their depleting finances from within their party.

For Sabah it would be business as usual after the 13th GE, the BN and small doses of DAP, here and there.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Lots of truth in your article. However I would like to add the following:-

Not only is Sabah full of self-serving Politicians, it's also full of Illegal Immigrants. Years from now, these same immigrants who have been "helped" into Sabah by the BN Govt, will turn around & try to force Sabah out of Malaysia & into the Philippines or from wherever they came from.

I guess then & only then will the Sabahans realize that the Opposition Supporters were not so stupid after all.

Anonymous said...

What a typical Peninsula Malaysian thinking that only Sabahans politicians are self serving.

Money talks louder in Sabah and not in Peninsula Malaysia?

What a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

Politicians race for power and money and the rakyat are left with sweet promises only.

Anonymous said...

Bad politicians outweigh more than the good ones. Definitely.