Friday, September 7, 2012

Pakatan Hantu:Pemerintah Bodoh, Rakyat Diperbodohkan !

Hantu Laut

Please allow me to quote a short paragraph from Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince", which every politician should read, but many don't, and if they do, they probably can't remember what they read.

Below is what he said of "Generosity and Parsimony"

"If you want to sustain a reputation for generosity, therefore, you have to be ostentatiously lavish; and a prince acting in that fashion will soon squander all his resources, only to be forced in the end, if he wants to maintain his reputation, to lay excessive burdens on  the people, to impose extortionate taxes, and to do everything else he can to raise money."

See below Pakatan's lavish promises that would, for sure, bankrupt the nation as rightly said by Machiavelli.

You miseries will come later when they ran out of money and have  no choice but to impose higher taxes on the people.

Do you trust them? There are only 3 partners in the coalition, how come there are 4 leaders shown here?

When can they be honest with the rakyat?


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

And how come it is Lik Kit Siang in the first pic?

Here is the DAP national leadership -

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Only glutton will vote them. Responsible voter will also vote on behalf of their next generation.

Anonymous said...

Well 4 leaders is better than a single dictator leader in Barisan najis which is a dictatorship masquerading as a coalition.


Atta Rehman said...

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Anonymous said...

Might as well vote PR and have half the promises before the Nation bankrupt rather than have nothing much leftover but still going slowly bankrupt.

Who is the smarter one. Prince or rakyat?

Anonymous said...

Dictator leader in elected goverment choosen by the people? Did your parent sent you to school? You don't even know how to define the word dictator.. pathetic. I pity on both of them if they are still around.

Anonymous said...

u r obviously missing the point stupid.


Purple Haze said...


Your argument in the 2nd last para does not make sense. You said "There are only 3 partners in the coalition, how come there are 4 leaders shown here?"

Using the same application of logic, BN has 14 partners in the coalition. How come usually have pictures of only one person ?

So, instead of too many cooks (as in PR), in BN ... there is only one cook.

Anonymous said...

You called people stupid when you were unable to successfully represent something you have brought yourself. Stupid is defined as unintelligent, slow-witted, foolish(a stupid fellow). So who is stupid here? It is too plain to be unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Juts because people r allowed to vote, thats the stupid fellas single justification for democracy?

Well if so, he is the single definition of stupidity.

he should meet his fellow brother, i dunno whos stuipder, just ask him go google ktemoc, another stupido.

Here's my retort anyway for a great democracy that Malaysia has.

Putrajaya - 5000 voters
Kapar - 500,000 voters

Thats democracy for you, Malaysia Boleh style.

I am just surprised the bloody EC didnt further carve Putrajaya into 5 separatae 1000 voter seats.


admin jakamas said...

Salam bro. How many of their 12th GE promises that had been fulfilled???

Anonymous said...

Everywhere in this world election is won by majority in percentage or with a greater no. of votes. It is a simple way to determine a winner. This term is so simple that even an illiterate person can understand. What more can I say..

Anonymous said...

sunwayopal is obviously penny wise but pound FOOLISH

Anonymous said...


4 bozo buffoons is WORSE than 1 effective dictator

Anonymous said...

1 effective dictator ? useless more like.

1 useless dictator followed by 1000 of money grabbing slaves with no independent mind of their own.