Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stirring The Hornet's Nest ! The "BIADAB" Culture

Hantu Laut

It is indeed something that we should not teach our children to do, it is not our culture, it is not our ways. 

There are better and civilised ways to oppose the government without resorting to the "kurang ajar" culture that could lead to widespread unrest.

Stepping on our leaders' photos and desecrating them has never been our political culture. 

Malaysians are taking their new found freedom too far and such behaviour if not curtailed may have dire consequence in this multiracial nation.

Whether you are Malays, Chinese or Indians, all cultures teach you the same thing of respecting elders and filial piety towards your parents.

Do not for one moment think all cultures are the same. There can be vast differences even among Asian cultures.

Do you know in Thailand and most Buddish countries the head is considered most sacred and touching someone's head is considered rude and insulting.

In Thai culture like most other Asian culture using your feet to point at people is also considered rude.

My personal experience had shown what can happen when two different cultures clashed.

Some years ago I went trekking/camping into the jungle of Borneo with a group of people who are members of the same society. With the group was a couple of Westerners. One morning while a few of us were having breakfast with our food placed on the ground, one "orang putih" trying to get out of the tent just walked over our food, but his girlfriend, who was a Chinese girl went around us to find her way out. My Chinese friend from Sarawak went livid and a fight almost broke our between him and the white man, who was still clueless, what have triggered my friend's anger. 

In Asian culture, not only you must not walk over food, it is also tabooed to walk over anyone laying on the floor.

These are cultures of the East that some Westerners have no clue about and found it ludicrously outdated, which they often make fun of.

Those protesting at Padang Merdeka and stomping on the Prime Minister's photos were not ignorant 'orang putihs' but were Malaysians who should have known better that what they did was against the 'adat' of this country.

This country is not run by a tyrannical leader for him to deserve such treatment. 

It is sad that some pro-Pakatan supporters have resorted to the "kurang ajar" and "biadab" culture toward the national flag and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. 

Anwar Ibrahim supported the flag bearers and called it a lesson in history here. Lim Guan Eng demanded why no action was taken against Perkasa when they burned his photos.

Who is Anwar trying to fool? Is he promoting his culture of protests and defiance that has been his trademark from his younger days and a man who never kept his words, changing at his whims and fancies.

Guess who set leadership by example?

Stepping on and desecrating Najib's photo, though not criminal act, is considered an insult in our culture.

Belittling the national flag and aggrandising the flag of Malaya.

Like monkeys do we have to ape the West and copy the negative aspects of their culture.

Some opposition leaders called it creativity.

Sad to say, some never learn from history that what they have done was exactly what trigger off the race riot on 13th May 1969.

Vote for "PAKATAN" and vote for the "BIADAB" culture.


abROcadabRO said...

This biadap culture is rampant on both sides of the political divides, Hantu.

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam HL,

Siapa jadi susah dan risau? Ibu bapa.

"Student nabbed for allegedly making lewd gesture at gathering" info.

Bila kena tangkap, tahu malu nak tutup muka pula.

Bro HL, it's also about the company one keeps. I am sure the parents of the idiot are responsible parents.

I speak to my kids a lot about the company they keep. To be in good company. About respect for elders and having good behavior.

I asks questions about their friends, inviting them over and getting to know their families.

Then both families have trust that our kids are in good hands, visiting each other or going out together.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

What Biadap culture? 2x5 bro.Remember the late Dato Senu ,UMNO infomation chief.He wrote the famous book and he said Melayu perlu bersikap Kurang Ajar or BIADAP in order to move foward.
Najib is not the Prophet or The King.I think he deserve it.

Anonymous said...

What Biadap culture? 2x5 bro.Remember the late Dato Senu ,UMNO infomation chief.He wrote the famous book and he said Melayu perlu bersikap Kurang Ajar or BIADAP in order to move foward.
Najib is not the Prophet or The King.I think he deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Hantu if it is done by BN, read UMNO, to others it's all right but not the other way round? I don't condone this type of bullshit from anyone but at least be fair in handling the situation.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:50
so its ok to step on your father's photo. and your mother's.

Anonymous said...

It is all about upbringing. His parent must be proud of him.

Anonymous said...

Their act will bring the reoccurance of 13 May event nearer. This is interesting because they have the courage to start this now. Patience has its limit. You dare to start for sure you dare to face the consequances. This is a chance to wipe them off... oopps... remember when the time come there will be no mercy.

admin jakamas said...

Salam bro. The 'biadap' culture had to be curbed from home/school. Schools should be given the right to discipline students so that they will have some morals and know what is right and wrong.