Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dirty Polls: Ambiga's Lost Crusade

Hantu  Laut

Ambiga Sreenevasan  went to Australia to seek help from Australian parliamentarians and politicians to save this country from going to the dogs. My earlier posting on the same subject here.

Her febrile imagination of highly embellished unfair election practices and vote rigging by the government had taken her to Down Under hoping that the miserable snooping and intrusive Anwar's close friend Australian MP Nick Xenophon would help her secure Canberra's agreement to send elections watchdogs to Malaysia's next general elections . 

Your guess as good as mine who sent her ?

What did she gets ?

The Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has given an answer in the Australian Parliament why Australia should not get involved in matters that are of doubtful nature. He went on on say that the Malaysian government lost its two-thirds majority in parliament in the March 2008 General Elections. However, he probably was not aware or forgot to also mention that the wicked government perceived by Ambiga also lost control of 5 state governments to the opposition and the opposition won 8 subsequent by-elections thereafter.

Anyone, NOT in a state of insanity, which I presumed Ambiga is not, would have asked her if the elections had been so badly rigged how come the long suffering Malaysian oppositions gained so much ground, almost a hair's breadth of toppling the ruling party in the 12th General Elections ?  

Here what she wrote  "Those in the international community may be forgiven for saying, “Is there a problem with the democratic process in Malaysia?” 

Read her growling and grovelling piece here

Obviously, her mission failed.

Let me quote what Lee Kuan Yew said soon after the Singapore 1996 General Elections. He said "Please do not assume that you can change governments.Young people do not understand this" 

Pakatan Rakyat and its agent Ambiga is exploiting the naivety of young voters with their snake-oil concoction to mislead them into voting for Pakatan Rakyat with stories of illegal immigrants  being given citizenship and voting rights to keep the corrupt BN in power.

This scary tale from the quagmire would certainly scare the shit out of young unsuspecting Malaysians.

Maybe, she should try her luck in UK and the US, where Anwar has many sympathetic and dedicated friends and she, a freedom fighter of human rights, decorated by the US government, given "International Women of Courage Award" by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in 2009.

One thing I can say, this lady has one very swollen head. 

Phnom Penh


Anonymous said...

Yeah too swollen almost bursting with the arrogance conferred to her at birth as the elite in her inherited CASTE system.

See when she benefits then there is no abuse. But the women of courage award is sorely and grossly mistakenly handed to her.

Here is an indian women who is BLIND to the plight of her indian female gender who are systematically and culturally abused right from day 1.

But she refused to take up the noble campaign of abolishing the human rights ABUSES contained in the practice of the caste system evident till today.

Sheer hypocrisy and double standards.

Anonymous said...

No need to give this pariah any more publicity.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she is a higher caste by birth. However by principle she is a confirmed pariah.

zakzak said...

Sir, as a Sabahan yourself, what is your take on the illegal granted with citizenship story? I've no idea what is happening over there, is it true, or false, or in between?

Anonymous said...

and you hv a swollen dick for fucking pros too often?