Thursday, October 11, 2012

His Highness Lim Guan Eng !

Hantu Laut

Curtsy, is the female equivalent of male bowing in Western culture. It is also "traditional gesture of an inferior to a superior", what a good servant would accord her master or mistress due respect.

The practice has become less common now, only left for the preserve of showing respect to royalty and by people in show business........ musicians, actors, comedians and the ilk, usually at the end of a performance to show gratitude and respect to the audience.

Lim Guan Eng, the Dear Leader of the soon to be Dominion Republic of Penang was given due reverence and respect, usually accorded to kings and emperors, by a lady who bobbed a curtsy when she met him at a function in Penang.

Anyway, curtsy is not an Asian culture. The right thing for the lady to do if she wanted to show reverence to Guan Eng, is for her to emulate the old Chinese culture of "kou tou"or  to bow the head low as to touch the ground.

If you curtsy, you don't shake hands. A very confused lass.

Picture speak a thousand words.

His deputy Mansor Othman wasn't wrong when he called Guan Eng a "tokong". The Penang Chinese as in the case of the young girl revered him with deep respect.  

Is Guan Eng a cult in the making?

Phnom Penh


Anonymous said...


Confused chinese lady.

You should see all those confused pengampu cium tangan Ministers during so many functions as if it was their parents or royalty.

Sejak bila Menteri-menteri jadi macam Raja?

Siapa punya adat ni?

eddy said...

Legs in closed position Bro, means I can shake your hand but am not available :))

Anonymous said...

LOL. BN is really pulling all stops to tarnish LGE. Good luck.

I wonder what happened to all the hand kissing, bowing, kowtowing, hand greasing, back slapping that goes on in the BN circles' top echelon. Emperors, Napoleons, Mafia Boss and Kings? hmmmm

Anonymous said...

We already have those bukit fellas without any 'kesopanan and kesusilaan' whatsoever.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the new breed of the same species, The hilly-billies urban anglophiles!

abdooss said...

I don't get it.

So you are saying, she curtsied and he was at fault?

de engineur said...

Funny, what's the big deal?

vinnan said...

Your Pu'imamakness Mahathir Mohammad. Hei assh'le Hantu/Gram Kong piece of shit. How the girl shows her respects to the Chief Minister is non of your fuc'ing business so long as it is not banned by law. Whose Asian culture are you talking about? Yours?

Anonymous said...

This pariah vinnan is really pissed off man..

Anonymous said...

Wow so much venom...... never knew Malaysian are so angry and hypocritical..... those who ate chilli will taste the hotness

Anonymous said...

Vinnan had small dick