Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In God We Trust, Politicians Pay Cash

Hantu Laut
Even before getting the big guns they already behaved like absolute monarchs, worse than the one they want to get rid off......the abominable UMNO.....looking more and more democratic under Najib.

They have their own lese-majeste law that forbids anyone under their rule to criticise them. 

In Penang you have "Dear Leader" who talked democracy but practised autocracy. Anyone or any media who gets on the wrong side of him will be banned from his press conference. His deputy thinks he is a "tokong" worshipped by the Chinese of Penang. The Malays think he is anti-Malay. He thinks he doesn't need the Malay votes, so be it.

His Majesty Azmin Ali not happy with his subject Faekah.

Poor Faekah, for speaking out loud, they want her head on the chopping board. The PKR's Court of Retribution will hear her case.Read here.

It's "Pakatan's Way", the only way.

Democracy, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble is a lie to fool the fools and there are many out there who wanted to be fooled.

Fools who lives under the coconut shell and opportunists looking for new ride.....plenty are coming to PKR.

Now, you know why so many left this political hell hole.

See for yourself who they have collected recently from the Rogue's Gallery in Sabah......the "orang-orang kechewa" looking for new ride.

They take new shithead at the expense of old unhappy shithead who had to leave as there is not enough room to keep too many shithead who want to be YBs.

Do you believe they really want to wipe out corruptions?

Joseph Astrada said that when he was running for president and Gloria Macapagal said the same thing when she was running for president.

Both were caught for corruptions

In God we trust, politicians pay cash!

Kuala Lumpur


abdooss said...

If you really need to know; it's because UMNO creates more and more people like the White Haired Old Man of Sarawak.. that's why! The rest and at Sabah - you know better about the corruption level.

Anonymous said...

UMNO created the garbages and PKR pick them pile up their collection and offer back to the public. Are we fool enough to buy the idea? You are only fit to be a joker of all times. Pardon me and please allow me to laugh as it is really funny.