Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

Hantu Laut

The war of nerves between two forces of over-exaggerated pietism. Islam has become a cause celebre of Malaysian politics. Even non-Muslims are coming out with their unpolished knowledge of Islam. 

Here's one from a chauvinist dickhead who thinks he knows the Koran and the Constitution equally well to make the Constitution more supreme for the Muslims than the Koran. No one can make head and tail of his snafu, a withered and floppy creative writing. 

I have been abroad for almost two weeks, off the beaten track, where Internet connections have been erratic, sluggish or non-existence and sourly missed the excitement of Malaysia's puerile politics. 

Malaysian politicians from both sides of the political divide should have been clowns in the circus or court jesters in the royal palaces. They spent more time on meaningless trivia than on matters of fundamental national interest.

The uproar,  this time,  a controversy over Anwar Ibrahim's daughter Nurul Izzah's version of Islam. Both sides claimed polymathic understanding of the religion and competing to be the champion. Malaysia would soon have new hadiths written by these heretics. 

"There is no compulsion in Islam" what is the true meaning of this phrase in the Koran?

I must profess I am not most knowledgable in the religion, but from my understanding, learning it from my grandfather, who is highly respected for his indepth knowledge of Islam during his living years.......it simply means Islam or Muslims should not compel or force non-Muslims to convert to Islam. Conversion should be by the person own free will. It has nothing to do with allowing Muslims the freedom of choice.

Nurul Izzah's version, which I believe was misconstrued and twisted for political mileage was probably not what she intended to convey..... that Muslims can convert to other religion. Even if she thinks so, right or wrong, it's merely her opinion and one should just consider her wet behind the ears and not politicise Islam solely for the purpose of gaining political mileage.

Without any doubt there are many hypocrites in UMNO, but more dangerous are the bigger hypocrites in PAS playing the same political fire of using Islam to gain political mileage among rural Malays and are prepared to twist and turn the true meaning of Islam whenever it suits their political agenda. 


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