Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's No More ABU, It's Now ABBA !

Hantu Laut

First, it was Lim Guan Eng reminding PAS of its digression from who shall be prime minister? Subsequently, panic-stricken,  scores of ants crawled out of the woodwork trying to frame a right picture of what transpired at the 58th PAS Muktamar.

The just ended PAS Muktamar has produced some unsettling news  that put a chink in the coalition's armour and likely to destroy its chance of capturing Putrajaya.

The question of who PAS delegates want as prime minister has been decided at the party's annual meeting.

Is DAP in the hogwash, or real trepidation?

The declaration has send shivers up the spines of DAP leaders, who always believe PAS would concede to Anwar Ibrahim becoming the PM even if PAS garnered the most parliamentary seats among the three. DAP leaders hit the panic button and looking for ways to weather the storm. The Chinese community is now re-calculating its coordinates......whither are we bound ?  To be or not to be.......with Pakatan.

Though, I believe Pakatan won't make it to Putrajaya, the nation would be better off with God-fearing Hadi Awang's clean slate that would make him a better prime minister than Anwar Ibrahim.

A person, chosen by the people, does not need prerequisite to be prime minister, he will be guided by the civil service.To say Anwar has vast experience and therefore more qualified, and Hadi had not, is a lame argument.

Moderate Chinese and Indians see PAS apparent goodwill as nothing but dangling the carrot to hoodwink non-Muslims. The surprise turnaround at the Muktamar by the conservatives revealed that all is not well in the coalition. There is mutual feeling of distrust between PAS and DAP and PAS do not trust Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister as he would  be running the same kind of government as his former party........the spoils system.  

Anwar, who was 'the' doyen of political patronage during Mahathir's administration would have to reward his supporters and leading figures in the coalition partnership with the spoils system. Otherwise, people like Lajim Okin, Wilfred Bamburing and other UMNO/BN turncoats, used to the spoils system, would not have joined him. Some have reaped the harvest since USNO and Berjaya days but could not satisfy their insatiable appetite for more. PAS expect the spoils system would continue under Anwar's leadership and Malaysia would be back to square one. 

The conservatives in PAS feared that the state of corruptions would only change hands and likely to continue under Anwar if he is made prime minister hence the call for Hadi Awang as prime minister. 

To PAS it's no more ABU, it's now ABBA (Anything But Brother Anwar), a contingency they have planned on the quiet to make sure Anwar would not be prime minister.


Anonymous said...

To PAS its no more ABU but ABBA ?

for heaven sake, pls dont flatter yurselfs in UMNO.

To any true blue PAS member, there is NOTHING and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHINg they hate more than UMNO lar. I think they would rather spit in UMNO's face than caught associating with UMNO.

U must b joking !!! Purleez wake up your idea.

They love UMNO more than DSAI konon.


Anonymous said...

Hantu dah kena penyakit angau dah. Cannot accept other people's ideas or views.