Monday, January 14, 2013

Allah Issue:PAS Dropped A Bombshell.... Finally!

Hantu Laut

Is this the kind of government you want?

Cannot make up their minds. Vacillating back and forth!.....on issue of immense national importance,  
confusing both Muslims and Christians with their now you can, now you cannot fatwa...... not based on religious tenancy but on political expediency.

Nik Aziz is the biggest chicken and should be stripped of his ulamak status for misleading Christians and Muslims in the country and giving in to demand of political expediency......just because PAS found out, of late, that the Malays may dump them in the 13th GE because of the Allah controversy.

PAS is getting greater support from non-Muslims, particularly Chinese DAP supporters than Malay Muslims because of their stand that Christians can use the word Allah in the Bible. With the new development things may change.

Here, he said "voters who make the wrong choice in the general election will have to answer for their decision in the hereafter"

"Rest assured, every part of the body, including the hand that voted, will be witness on Judgement Day," the Kelantan Mentri Besar said in his New Year message.

"Don't make the wrong choice" he warned.

I have not been wrong about the dithering leadership of this bunch of strange bedfellows, some on the verge of nervous breakdown, because they can't make any sense. 

What Nik Aziz says is certainly not in the Koran, nor does it apply to non-Muslims, which have different afterlife, or non at all.

Last month, the slightly deranged Lim Guan Eng "wag the dog" in his New Year message asking the government to allow Christians to use "Allah" in the Bible, an issue that have quietened down, which he saw fit to resurrect from the Pandora'a Box for political expediency. 

If you want to steal the government get your act together first, not by organising mass rally,  but by being consistent with your policies. Read here.

Let's wait and see what DAP has to say about this latest bombshell.

PAS ulamaks say Christians can use it orally but not in written form in the Bible....what a bloody joke! Was not the controversy about using it in the Bible?

I have attended Church many time for friends funeral service and all I can hear is the repetitive use of the word "Lord" in church, never was "Allah" used in its English service. 

In spoken language most Malay speaking Christians use "Tuhan kita"

Why is PAS making an about turn on the issue and give the Christians a half-empty cup, which is not what they wanted?

I am waiting for the Council of Churchs to make a statement on this new ruling coming from its ally.


Y1 said...

Unfortunate decision. Right or wrong, is another matter. Since both the UMNO and PAS Islam councils have banned it, what are the Sikhs, and Ibans, Dusuns, Muruts and Rungus Christians gonna do? Will there be religious riots?

Anonymous said...

Parti Agama Shaitan. What are they up to? They use Islam for their political agenda. You don't need to be a bloody ulama to see that they are fooling you with their own fatwas and promise of heaven. If you have lost your brain then the obligation to have a religion is not a must for you.

Anonymous said...

As the PAS potato is too hot to handle for the DAP which recently did it utmost to hoist a Muslim Chinese to its elite ranks, the Singapore Government owned Straits Times came out and demanded on behalf of the DAP that Tuan Haji Hadi Awang retract, renounce, say sorry, re-gurgitate etc. whatever honourable and sincere words he made in the past. Why the DAP does not say it directly to Tuan Haji but to rely on Big Brother to do so ?

Anonymous said...

Every car has a reverse gear

abdooss said...

Ruling comes from BN Government, which controls JAKIM and majorities of the State Islamic Councils.