Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pakatan's Biggest Fiasco: The 1 Million That Never Was

Hantu Laut

The 1 million that never was. The final tally less than 100,000 turned up. 

Read the idiotic prediction here.

Pakatan Rakyat jokers put the crowd at 500,000, which one can clearly see the need to drop one "ZERO" from the photo below, which was taken at the height of the gathering. The stadium can't accommodate more the 60,000 people. This is the kind of leaders you have in Pakatan, pathetic liars.

Free T-Shirts, free drinks and free makan.It's a festival of sort.Typical Malaysian mentality, bring your children, your amah, your dog if there are freebies.

They should have allowed the insufferable Ambiga Sreenevasan to organise the event. She has better skill to persuade the cows to come to pasture. The turnout in all BERSIH outings were much better, which clearly show there are genuine support for BERSIH, rather than the political parties in Pakatan.

As I have anticipated, the whole thing was a cover up for Anwar's soon to be released drama in court and final rehearsal for Tahrir Square type revolution, which judging from today's fiasco will not happen. 

Malaysians are getting tired of participating in street demonstrations that they now see as web of deceit and lies by the oppositions and one man insatiable greed for power, who cares not how he gets it, by hook or by crook.

This lady Ambiga is still in her woozy state regurgitating the same old story.

What better excuse can you have to prepare yourself now for the loss, blaming BN cheating at the polls for the defeat, just like the proverbial carpenter who blamed his tools for his shoddy work.

She conjures an image of fatality for Pakatan that they will lose GE13th because of unfair and unclean elections.

" Yet I have unhappy news ― by all account GE 13 will be far from clean and fair. I will not go into the details, many of you know them. The recent fiasco with the overseas voters is yet another example. The suggested process is not clean, not transparent and the conditions that have been imposed on overseas voters are not, in my view, constitutional.
So why am I so sure the election will not be clean and fair? Well, one of the easiest demands to fulfil is to give free and fair access to the media to all parties. It takes just a phone call. Yet we see no move towards that and the mainstream media continues with its skewed and often dishonest reports. It shows a complete lack of political will to even the playing field between the parties." Read more.

In March 2008 General Elections, Pakatan played dirty, using strong arm tactic, stopping outstation BN supporters from casting their votes in certain areas, branding them as phantom voters and taking the law into their own hand......that's cheating! 

GE13th will be the cleanest election ever, because they will not be allowed to bully and stop any voter to exercise the right to vote, not ever again and BN will win with comfortable majority.

Few of my friends in Sabah have joined PKR and are now going round to see some Chinese towkays asking for donations to bankroll their candidacy. 

It's corruptions all over again if they win the elections. The Chinese towkays, surely, want his money back and multifold.

It's a vicious circle!


Anonymous said...

You are missing the point
It is not how many people turns up
But how much money the organisers can make!
Say, the foreign sponsors pays
1,000,000 x RM 300 = RM 300 million

So, if only 100,000 people turns up,
imagine the amount of extra cash in hand - RM 270 million

Surely, Anwar and gang are not returning the monies

Anonymous said...

Not debating with you re politics and rantings. You are entitled to your opinion. However i think you are discounting the numbers by 50% for the total inside and outside. Unless you have switched off the internet yesterday you would have seen something incredible in the crowds.
There is an aerial photo by Kwong Meng Chinese Newspaper that show equal numbers outside. Even if there are 60K inside according to you, there is therefore a total 100K at least in total.
Forget about the 1million, nobody expects that number as it sounds so rhetorically fantastic. The 100K that volunteered to go without gifts or free rides will send a message to the powers that be.

Anonymous said...

One swallow does not make the PR summer.

Anonymous said...

Not everybody would like to take the risk of changing the goverment. You can gamble your money that belong to you but most rightful minded Malaysian won't gamble their country future to Anwar who has been proven to be the king of liars unless you enjoy being fooled by him. Careful his saliva can drips on you while he day dreams of seizing Putra Jaya.

Purple Haze said...

You wrote
"In March 2008 General Elections, Pakatan played dirty, using strong arm tactic, stopping outstation BN supporters from casting their votes in certain areas, branding them as phantom voters and taking the law into their own hand......that's cheating! "

I think you may have missed an important point here. What if those people who were stopped were actually PHANTOM voters ? You should then say that those PR supporters were upholding the law !

To the best of my knowledge, no police report was lodged on those instances. If I was blocked from exercising my vote, I would certainly lodge a police report but if none was made, it should make you think that perhaps they were phantom voters?

I stand corrected if there were police reports lodged and apolgise in advance.

One of the best ways to have free and fair elections is to ensure that the electoral roll is "CLEAN". There have been reports and evidence that foreigners names have appeared in the electoral rolls as well as multiple voters at one address and other discrepancies.

I understand that somtimes it happens but the attitude of the EC is such that they aren't bothered 'cos their explanations border on the arrogant. If they made a mistake, admit it and make the corrections instead of denial !

Perception of a free and fair election is paramount, regardless of which party emerges the victor.

Already, the MSM is proven to be biased with instances of photoshopping pictures and altering text in speeches to promote a certain agenda. I'm not saying that the Opposition are angels either but misinformation will always be exposed.

The PR claim of 500,000 is superfluous and unnecssary. 100,000 is believable in and around the stadium. Who knows how many others were in the city but did not get to the stadium.

abdooss said...

Free T-Shirts, free drinks and free makan? You gotta be kidding me, man!

It's not like the Semenyih Rally where the people were enticed by FREE RICE (beras percuma) to attend!