Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy And Prosperous 2013

Hantu Laut

Majestic Kinabalu and a rising moon.

Let this year be a year of peace and prosperity for the nation.Let us stay secular and continue to progress under the system we have always valued and cherished. 

Think of our own poor and the less fortunate first before we care for the Arabs who have brought tragedy onto themselves and even greater tragedy as is now happening in Egypt as one man tried to change the constitution to turn the nation into a theocratic state.

Egypt will see new round of violence between the secularists and the Islamists and a foregone conclusion that she will end a theocratic state. 

Let not our Malaysia become one, set back the clock of progress for one man's insatiable greed for power.

Do we have a better alternative? 

See who are the rats jumping ship to join the so-called anti-corruption crusaders? 

Is it for want of deliverance, disenfrancising corruptions and build a better nation as they claimed, or for want of personal advantage and one own nefarious intention?

Wish all my friends and all Malaysians a Happy 2013.

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