Saturday, January 19, 2013

PAS Dogged Implementation Of Islamic Values Waning Pakatan's Non-Muslim Support

Hantu Laut

The Christians in Sabah and Sarawak will be keeping their option open and will be watching closely PAS political direction after the dissolution of Parliament. Further erosion may come during the campaign period if PAS grim persistence continued.

Below is a truthful analysis, surprisingly, coming from the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

Non-Muslim support for Pakatan waning

KOTA BARU: Non-Muslims support for Pakatan Rakyat has dipped in the past five months due to the actions and policies of PAS and DAP, said the PAS Supporters Congress.

Its outspoken chairman, Hu Phang Chaw, said the support dwindled following a series of events, which has left a bitter after-taste among the non-Muslim community.
“We cannot outrightly proclaim it as we have yet to conduct a proper study, but one must be brave to admit that support has eroded due our inability to manage issues well.”
He cited the local authorities in Kelantan banning women from cutting the hair of male patrons and the move to slap non-Muslims with charges similar to khalwat as examples.
He also pointed out to the insensitivity of the Kedah government for enforcing restrictions and conditions on cultural shows during the Chinese New Year celebrations.
Another example he gave was DAP’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s Christmas Day message reviving the useage of the word “Allah” among Christians.Read more.


Anonymous said...

DAP Buffoons dreaming of the millions of ringgits they will make

Anonymous said...

What's the use of non muslim support for PAS?
Like Lim Guan Eng snubbing Azizan's millions for water?
The Ngoks taking Kelantan lands?
Lim with his Allah issue?


Anonymous said...

Smart muslims will just trash out PAS. How can PAS purely fight for Islam interest if in the other hand they have to survive politically? That is why they used all kind of lies, kafir the others and discriminated the people in states under their rule just to sustain their presence. The not so smart muslims in their eagerness to secure heaven for themselves have voted PAS in the past. Life must be so boring in heaven taking into consideration that the occupiers will be all PAS supporter. Does that sound stupid? I think there will be no place in heaven for people with no brain including selfish ulama.