Saturday, January 12, 2013

Will There Be 1 Million Cows?

Hantu Laut

Today is D-Day.

It has nothing to do with the invasion of Normandy by Allied Forces on June 6 1944 to liberate mainland Europe from the Nazi and the evil empire of Hitler.

Today's D-Day is the invasion of our capital city by 1 million cows to liberate Malaysia from the evil regime of the Barisan National.

This is the final rehearsal preparing for a real Tahrir Square type revolution in the event Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat lose the 13th GE, which is very likely as all pointers show BN will win with a comfortable majority, not enough to get back its two-thirds, but enough to put the kibosh on Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat and frustrate PAS ambition of turning Malaysia into a Saudi Arabian type Islamic nation with hudud law for all and sundry.

The non-Muslims, except for the cowed ones, are beginning to see the real danger of Malaysia becoming a theocratic state.

As it will be his last stand, Anwar will not accept defeat graciously.

The BERSIH cows trained and prepared by Anwar and Ambiga will march the streets of the capital citing massive cheating by the BN and incite the people to revolt.

Will there be 1 million cows today?

If there is..... a real revolution is in the making!

Itu lah orang Melayu kata "dikasi betis mahu paha" dan orang Sabah kata "dikasi kaki mahu kepala". 

You see! That's what Najib has given this country........ buoyant freedom never seen before.

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SM said...


If you want to talk about Cows you have to talk to Sharizat & her family. All staunch UMNO crooks!