Friday, February 1, 2013

Khalid Ibrahim,Put The Money Where Your Mouth Is !

Hantu Laut

If you don't dissolve the state assembly after Chap Goh Meh, you might as well dissolve yourself as menteri besar, because you are all lies, all bark and no bite.

Do you think for one moment that Najib is worried about you dissolving your state assembly? I think Najib would be more than welcome for you to do so.

A man with real balls will carry out what he says. I hope you are that man.

So, please dissolve the assembly as promised.

BN would be very happy to deploy its full battalion and flex every ounce of muscle to recapture Selangor as they will only have 'one on one' fight.

The onus is on you to show that you are not an infernal nuisance, but a gentleman of your word and a true leader.

Yes, Khalid Ibrahim put the money where your mouth is.

If you don't, consider yourself a gibbering idiot, a liar and a coward. 


Anonymous said...

He same as Anwar enjoy fooling people as they realised that M'sian are easy to be fooled for them to gain their political mileage.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has improved on the ranking of corruption perception index. 2012 is 54. 2011 was 60.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what are PRs strategies in Sgor now esp in defending their seats which they won in 2008.My assessment is that DAP will sustained because of the Chinese voters but for PKR and PAS,the rakyat who voted for them and the protest voters will punish them this time around because their trust had been betrayed such as unfufilled promises,shortcomings of public utilities,cronisym,corruptions and others.Defending is tougher than winning and it is not to be surprising BN, esp UMNO will recapture the seats lost eventhough rumours said there exists problem in choosing winnable candidates.