Friday, February 1, 2013

Malaysia's Opposition: The Ultimate Political Pariahs

Hantu Laut

Watch the video!

Are they lawmakers or law breakers. 

I could hardly believe that this kind of dirty politicking is actually happening in this country. People, seriously intent on causing trouble to achieve their own political mileage. 

Without any doubt trying to resurrect their waning popularity through altercation, political extortion and summary justice. 

Accusing the police of murder without proper basis and refusing an inquest proposed by the police. 

They knew an inquest can get to the bottom of how Sugumaran died, but they want to politicise the whole issue by unreasonably demanding a murder investigation.

There are many lawyers in the group whose heads are completely fucked by delusion of grandeur, making unreasonable demands and provoking the police.

The face of a troublemaker, another one of Anwar's lackey.

The police had shown more than enough patience toward their rude and uncalled for behaviour and kindly invited their leaders to come in for discussion..... 

......and what did they do? 

They rejected the offer and decided to continue harassing and ridiculing the police.

The Indian lawmaker exhorted "Jangan main dengan saya, jangan main dengan PKR dan jangan main dengan Pakatan Rakyat."

Was he threatening the police that when Pakatan comes to power he would teach the police a good lesson.

As a friend said to me last night " These Pakatan people, they think they are already in Putrajaya" and I fully agree with his observation.

I bet if they lose, there would be massive street demonstration, accusing the BN of cheating and they would incite violence to try bring down the government.

We don't want another Egypt.....from the frying pan into the fire.


Anonymous said...

No wonder the indian caste system is still being practised. Perhaps some caste cannot be given education and power - they will become too pig-headed for sanity.

Baru naik sikit dah bongkak tak kena tempat. Support RCI for the 1 million FOC pendatang citizenships.

Anonymous said...

Why no protest over Sosilawati and others' murder hah??

ABU = Allah Bless UMNO
UBAH = Ular (keling) Balik Alam Haiwan

Anonymous said...

It is because their parents are also like them. Poor Upbringing is the root cause of all evil.

Anonymous said...

Let us support RCI for the 1 million indian and chinese citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Government please make lalang tani their favorite drink tax free.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore we went there and walked in public at wee hour without worries of being robbed. We can understand that S'pore is a 1st world country. But we should learn that the citizen there won't support or tolerate any law breakers. In Malaysia it is the other way round. Too many fools make this country looks stupid. You don't need to belong to a first world country to be a human with a brain. With a low class self centered opposition you can't prosper this country. Politicise all issues at the expense of the country will win you the election? Lets' see who is the bloody fool.