Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mysterious Death in Singapore......Suicide or Murder?

For the naive, easily deceived, dupable and as doggerel as the synonyms get, the easily exploitable Malaysians, who believe that their country is the worst and most corrupt in the world, read what our neighbouring squeaky clean government did on the death of a young American engineer ......stopped outside interference in the investigation of a supposedly suicidal death of the young man.

This brings back the death of Teoh Beng Hock, suicide or murder?

There will always be conspiracy theories out there!

Mysterious Death in Singapore

Did a young American engineer commit suicide, or was he murdered?

A remarkable story in the Financial Times about the mysterious 2012 death of a young American engineer in Singapore has raised serious questions about whether he was murdered to keep him from blowing the whistle on the theft of militarily sensitive technology by a Singapore government-owned research institution and Huawei Technologies, the Chinese tech giant.

The story, nearly 5,500 words in length, was written by former New York Times correspondent Raymond Bonner and Christine Spolar, the FT's investigations editor. Read more.

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