Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Najib: Please Send Lim Guan Eng and Tian Chua To Lahad Datu To Protect Us Sabahans.

Hantu Laut 

They talk too much and do too little. 

They shoot their mouth off before they shoot their brains. Everything, A to Z, is about politics.  

They practically think they are already in Putrajaya.

They make comment like "why kick out one unarmed Aussie lawmaker and not take immediate action to shoot and kill 100 Filipinos armed intruders." extemporaneously, without bothering to find out the crux of the matter. 

They all know the weaselling and lying Aussie came here to help his buddy Anwar Ibrahim to give this country a bad name and can do more harm than the 100 armed men which incident should be handled with great care.

These assholes think they are being clever. They think the security force should just shoot and kill the armed intruders without first giving them a chance to withdraw peacefully and to return to their homeland.

These assholes from the oppositions do not care about the safety of us Sabahans, all they care is politics and how to grab political power, whatever the means. 

They do not care that there are 500,000 or, maybe more, of these people already in the state that can undermine the security of the state and endanger the lives of Sabahans. They simply shoot their mouths from the comfort of their West Malaysian caves to gain political mileage without caring for the inimical danger Sabahans would be subjected to if the standoff was badly handled

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng whose head has grown bigger than the gusty hot air ballon demanded that Home Minister Hishammuddin Onn should resign if he can't resolve the stand off in double quick time. This guy lives in Penang and farts through his mouth. Though, I don't think much of  our Home Minister, this incident is much more delicate and should be handled with extreme care. He alone can't act as commander-in-chief.

Here, another loud mouth good for nothing master forger and a chauvinist pig accusing the government of staging the whole incident to divert attention. Lest he forgets the Philippines government had already informed the Malaysian government that the group of armed men went to Sabah at the invitation of an opposition leader.

The only opposition leader who has met former MILF chief Nur Misuari and has been his friend since his UMNO days is Anwar Ibrahim, not that I believe he has a hand in this unfortunate incident.

The blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of  our Prime Minister, the oppositions and a number of BN leaders like Bernard Dompok who were overly vocal and instrumental in getting the government to conduct the RCI, which do not weather well with the Suluk people, thinking they would be forced out of Sabah after conclusion of the RCI.

A message for Najib from the pretender to the throne, the Sultanate of Sulu.

Past leaders have refused to conduct RCI because of the very same reason, that the safety of Sabahans must come first before the political expediency of a few selfish politicians like Dompok, who is expected to lose his seat if he contests in Penampang.

Najib should take full responsibility if anything untoward happen to Sabahans arising out of the anger of these migrant people who felt their tenancy here are being threatened.

There are other ways to handle the illegal immigrants problem in Sabah without disturbing the hornet's nest and jeopardising the security and safety of the people and the state.

Najib has become a "YES" man to the oppositions, succumbed to their every demand, from abolishing the ISA to RCI  on illegals in Sabah and much more, which is now backfiring right in his face. 

He gave away too much to the oppositions and what did they give him in return? Instead of thanking him, they taunt, provoke and ridicule him and make fun of every step he took with little respect for courtesy and protocol. His wife has become the punchline and punching bag of the oppositions. As affable as he is he has become the butt of every joke by the oppositions.

May I suggest to our dear Prime Minister, since the two opposition leaders are so smart, so macho, why not send Lim Guan Eng and Tian Chua to Lahad Datu to face the 100 armed men and see how skillfull they are in dealing with such situation.


abdooss said...

Errr, so many unarmed people at Bersih @ Dataran and the police manhandled them without mercy.
Now, the intruders encroached into OUR territory with arms, and... our armed forces are giving them mercy, peace and quiet_in short, a warm welcome?
We obviously need a new Ministry of Home Affairs.
Hishamuddin definitely is more afraid of strangers, and won't think twice to harm Malaysians, his own people.

mat sangaps said...

The bersih monkeys are unarmed and can't retaliate so it is common sense to disperse them as monkeys.

The armed intruders are armed and may retaliate and bloodshed happens.

Is this clear enough for you bodosss?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hantu.

These Pakatan leaders are not fit to be leader of this nation. They only think of their political gains, without thinking of the safety & well-being of the people in Sabah.

When it involve the citizen from other nation, you have to handle it very carefully, you bastard politicians. We need to consider the recent peace agreement between MILF and the Philippine govt. too.

That armed Pinoy's Suluk intruders in Lahat Datu Sabah have close relatives with our citizens in Sabah. We could easily run them down, for sure. But what about the feeling of those relatives, who are Malaysian citizens? Will that cause a war with Philippine? They have refused to drop the claim on Sabah, remember. Do the people of Sabah like the idea of war with Philippine?

Or the Pinoys Suluk are worried that their brethren in Sabah are in danger of deportation due to the RCI. Hence the invasion to revive their claims on Sabah,
Or, was it an invitation from Malaysian opposition leaders, who promised them Land, in the first place?

Or the 'Rear Admiral' is planning a war with Philippines so that GE13 is postpone. At war, he can easily instigate people to topple the govt.. If he succeed, as PM he can easily stop the war by giving away Sabah, or part of it, to the Philippines.


vinnan said...

THe PM and the Menteri Pertahanan are from UMNO the 'ketuanan' MELAYU heroes yet puk'mamakthir like you want LGE and Tian Chua who has no access to the armed forces to stop those mothe'fu'king Filipino invaders. You Hantulaut are less than p;g shit when you play games with the security concerns of Malaysia. Do nothing against these 100 miserable Filipino shit and one day you will see an aircraft carrier group landing troops on Malaysian soil. Do not expect us to fight for you 'Ketuanan' shit then OK. We warned you but you UMNO as'holes were too racist to listen.

Purple Haze said...

While I do not agree with Vinnan's choice of language, his/her message is pertinent.

First 100 armed people enter into Sabah. If nothing happens to make them go back, be very afraid that more will come.

This could turn out to be the Gaza conundrum. First the Israelis take up one part of Gaza and tell everybody to back off. Then they take more.

HL, this is not a BN/Opposition issue. It is a Malaysia issue. Let us not lose sight of that.

Anonymous said...

Since when did you fight for your country Vinnan? Even the decedent of Javanese people in Batu Pahat had proven that they have fought with their life against the communists during that trouble time. You talk without merits. Why don't you stay neutral now and then sided with the winner. Anyway this is the year of a snake as what you are always associated with ..oppss sorry pengyu keling kia bey yaw quin ho.

SM said...


It's simple!
Yes, you can disparage the Opposition as much as you want but we are lead by Testicularlly-challanged Eunachs!
They have brought shame on Malaysians Males!

nYUn said...

It's not the matter of the 100 armed people entering Sabah. It's the matter of the uncountable people of their nation in Sabah :)

Indeed I would like to see LGE and Tian Chua come to LD to have their deal with the armed group.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect shits like vinnan to shed their blood for this country ever.
Stupid idiots who throw around puk'mamakthir and has the gall to call others racist.

Anonymous said...

This racist Vinnan is a Chinese. By using an Indian name, he/she is trying to make Malyas, hate Indian.

His 'signatures' is all over pro-BN blogs.


Tony Yew said...


Its been a while...

Let's not forget to think with our heads, shall we?

There has been a lot of talk about ABU - Anything But UMNO -and the likes of Vinnan who prefer to vilify Tun Mahathir and believe that he does really have USD44 billion hidden away!

Stop for a moment and think - If you do not pay your loan for a whole year and keep the money - will the banks not come after you?

Imagine that there are people who believe this about Tu, and not blink an eye when Anwar's deceits are revealed.

All is not what it seems, they say, yet they only choose to see one side of view.

In the case of these 100 armed invaders. Why do you think that they are acting now? Could it be that they were 'invited' by the same 'prominent' figure they now want to meet?

Malaysia is my home, and it is a paradise. However, if we do not protect what we have and believe in the lies that are so often spewed out by those waiting along the corridors of power, then we will deserve the leaders we choose.

If change is what we all want, then wake up and see that the current government has indeed changed.

IMHO, gradual change is always better than wholesale change - I don't want to 'try' another untested government who has three different policies and with 'orange' for policy.

Acknowledge what is being done, and if you can accept the truth as you see it, then perhaps it is not as bad as what they want you to think. If Anwar has no qualms in bringing in Aussies and Filipinos to battle for him, then why is it so difficult to believe that he had already done it in the past?

Gram Kong said...

Hi Tony,

I remember you, we met at some press do in KK some years ago.Nice to hear from you after such long time.

Yes, indeed, the current government has indeed changed under Najib, Malaysia is now, probably, the freest freedom of expression in the world. You can see from what appears in the alternative media Malaysians can't handle this new found freedom.

How do you reconcile a man who once was with the most corrupt regime and himself profited from the same is now shouting anti-corruption slogan as his catcall for change?

I would rather stay with the devil I know.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Tony. He gave an input that make sense. Lets don't waste our time with Vinnan. Careful of this Snake in the grass.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:25PM

I always read Tony's blog.
Yes, Tony's input above is very positive for Peace & Harmony in Malaysia.

But we cannot say, it's a waste of time to expose who this SOB Vinnan is.

I think the Indians are back with BN and the racist in DAP does not like this. This is where 'Vinnan' play his part as 'batu-api' to create animosity between Indian & Malays.

I have notice the 'signature' of this 'Vinnan' all over po-BN blogs with his anti-Malays slurs like "ketuanan, DUMBOs, UMNOputeras" ramblings. The way he wrote, you can tell that he is actually, a Chinese, masquerading as Indian. He is a racist who dislikes Indians, Malays and everyone who is non-Chinese (except the white man).

I hope you're not a Malay. If you are, then you have been fooled by saying, "Careful of this Snake in the grass".
To Indian readers, that's a racial insult. And which race is highly probable to associate the snake with Indians?

Beware, when you associate ethnic with insult. DAP is rekindling May 13, 1969, by insulting the Malays during their victory rally, after winning the election, denying the Alliance's 2/3 majority. That is why LKS is 'scared' to be reminded of history.

Tanda Putera have not been approved for screening, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Opposition squabbles over Johor seats. They accuse each other of being power hungry. I suggest they play paper-scissors-stone to resolve the issue.