Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rafizi, Malaysiakini,John Malott,Here's The EIU Report That Scares You, BN Is Strongly Positioned To Win

Hantu Laut 

What's the huge different between "likely to win", "will win" and "strongly positioned to win"

Unless, you are Rafizi Ramli, Malaysiakini and John Malott, who are pickers of trivialities, you won't want to be seen stupid splitting hairs. These guys not only have small minds, they are also pathetic liars, lousy propagandists and ego maniacal. 

Lies, lies, lies.  No where it is more apparent than in the quirky grouping called Pakatan Rakyat. Political oddballs cooking the devil's brew to cheat Malaysians.

PKR strategy chief Rafizi Ramli told FMT that the "EIU Report" that Barisan Nasional will win the 13th general elections is a complete spin by Bernama. 

It wasn't a spin, it was just a sex-up. The EIU did suggest BN the likely winner, strongly positioned to win.  Below is the EIU report, short and sweet.

You want to read the full report, you have to pay.


Malaysia: risk assessment
sector risk
structure risk
Sovereign risk
Stable: The fiscal position is likely to remain weak in 2013-14 as the government struggles to implement fully its programme of subsidy rationalisation. But at the equivalent of an estimated 52.9% of GDP in 2012, public debt is manageable.
Currency risk
Stable: Malaysia's score is on the cusp of the A and BBB rating bands. Foreign-exchange reserves remain at healthy levels, but in the past year they have not grown as fast as in 2011, owing to weak export receipts.
Banking sector risk
Stable: Malaysia's banking risk rating has strengthened from BBB to A. The improvement reflects the relatively strong net foreign assets position of the country's commercial banks—a situation that is likely to persist in 2013-14.

Political risk
The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition is expected to complete its term, which ends in April. The BN is likely to win the subsequent election, but it will struggle to secure enough parliamentary seats to give it the two-thirds majority that would allow it to amend the constitution unchallenged.
Economic structure risk
Exports of goods and services will continue to account for a large proportion of GDP, highlighting Malaysia’s dependence on external trade.

Bernama did not spin the report. The spinner is Malaysiakini linking the story to a general report on Asian countries and not specific "country report" which is only accessible upon payment to EIU.

Below is the short report that cost me US$26.

Malaysia Economic and Political Outlook

Country Report Malaysia February 2013

Outlook for 2013-17

Election watch

February 4th 2013
The next parliamentary election must be held by mid-2013. Mr Najib is likely to make the performance of the economy a central plank of the BN's campaign and will emphasise the fact that, despite the gloomy global economic situation, the government's policies have helped to bolster domestic growth. The BN will also craft its campaign to appeal to voters in states where it lost control of the local assemblies to the PR at the last elections in 2008. Meanwhile, the opposition alliance is likely to focus its election campaign on the need to uphold the political and economic rights and interests of all Malaysians. The election will see the cash-strapped PR  pitted against the BN's well-oiled political machine. The BN is strongly positioned to win, although its likely margin of victory remains unclear. Mr Najib has worked hard to present himself as being committed to economic and social reform. However, this stance has yet to resonate with Malaysia's ethnic minorities, which make up around one-third of the electorate and whose members mostly voted for the PR in the 2008 election.

Link http://store.eiu.com/Article.aspx?articleid=590144243

The whole lot of you are a bloody shame! Spinners of the worst kinds.

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Anonymous said...

chief strategies of PKR does not really read reports... maybe he does not really want to spend USD26 to get a full report unlike u... maybe u should replaced the chief strategies of PKR.. (pun intended)


Anonymous said...

Thank you HL for sharing.
Do you think that in their hearts of hearts they know they gonna lose?
I believe so. Tu lah sebab depa bising2 dari awal lagi how elections never fair, blah, blah. Becos when they lose, that's the reason: rigging lah, apa ntah lagi lah....

Oh and good reason to hold more street demos, their specific area of expertise.
Truthfully i tell you, while i'm not all that crazy about BN, i do hope BN menang besar this time. Nak ajar sikit, dah terlalu melampau.

Anonymous said...

PKR thought that all M'sian enjoy to be fooled. They were first to laugh but the last to cry....like a baby.