Saturday, March 2, 2013

Najib: Resolve The Problem Or Lose Sabah.

From the Taipei Times

Hantu Laut

The Sabah standoff with Filipinos terrorists have received wide coverage all over the world. 

Here in Taipei, the Taipei Times reported that only three were killed in the gun battle. Like always, the media never got their act together. The Malaysian media reported 15 death and 3 injured, out of which 2 Malaysian commandos were slain.

The question is, there were over 200 of them initially reported, what happened to the rest of them, have they surrendered or still holding fort, waiting for reinforcement?

Our security forces should give 24 hours notice for them to lay arms and surrender, failing which they should bomb the village to smithereens and take no prisoners. 

This is no time for sentiment or fear of reprisal, they have intruded into our land and killed 2 of our security forces, which we must deem as an act of war and must retaliate with the full force of our military power and without any consideration of the collateral damage that may come with the onslaught. 

The Federal government has full responsibility to protect us Sabahans from foreign aggression. 

As it happened under your watch you must take full responsibility of this most horrible tragedy, which has something to do with the RCI, the MNLF peace treaty you intermediate and last but not least the poor policing of our borders by security forces under your command.

If you don't take immediate reprisal action to countervail the uncalled for aggression by this foreign forces and protect us from further aggressions, we Sabahans will make sure you won't win the coming elections.

Please wipe out the menace once and for all, or you can say "goodbye to Sabah" for now and forever.


SM said...


Like I said in your earlier Article (where you blamed the Opposition's calls for immediate action & supported the wishy-washy way Najib & his dim witted cousin were treating these bloody armed intruders), we have shown the world we are "testicularily" challenged [actually our PM is anyway!] & we negotiate with Terrorists (for that's what they are) & even worse we were so "polite" in the way we treated them!

No matter how much we blame each other when it comes to Politics & no matter how much we may hate DSAI or Najib or whoever in our Malaysian Politics, let's be very clear in 1 thing....we are all Malaysians & bloody proud to be so.

No bloody Filipinos or Sulus or whatever are going to take Sabah from us! And now they have killed Malaysians (the 2 Police Commandos). Yes, bomb the bloody hell out of them & send a clear message to anyone else who thinks they can get away with this shit.

Now the bloody Philippines' Govt are going to try to take this Sulu claim to the International Court?! Tell them to bloody go to hell! We ain't giving up Sabah & I'm sure the real Sabahans (not those Filipinos that were given Blue IC's by TDM & his cohorts!)feel the same!

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what anwar wants - turn Sabahans against BN.

Not sure if Sabah under pakatan rule is a better option.

Anonymous said...

We Malaysians have weathered the Emergency and the Confrontation.
Now is not the time to fight each other.
Now is the time to stick with each other as Malaysians and support each other the best as we can.
Do not let your faith waver and let the enemies from without and within win.

Anonymous said...

To SM:

Only fools rush in. The government's diplomatic approach takes into consideration two very important factors, especially to Sabahans:

1. There are at least half a million Filipinos and ethnic Sulu in Sabah. Killing their kin outright might just spur some of them to take up arms in revenge. If even just 1% do this, the people of Sabah will be waging guerilla war with enemy combatants who can come out and kill and then hide among the locals. How do you "bomb the bloody hell" out of guerillas mingling with your local populace?

2. There are thousands more jihad minded zombies in Sulu who may be willing to either die in the name of their Sultan, or profit as mercenaries. As we know, that southern region is a bit like parts of South America, where the main economy is kidnapping and ransom taking.

At first glance it may seem that you talk fighting talk. But closer scrutiny shows you talk cock, willing to put the lives of millions of Malaysians in Sabah in jeopardy in years to come, just like the Opposition politicians.

SM said...

Anonymous 11:45am,

Yup, I may be talking cock but while Najib is playing his wishy-washy games, Malaysians (Police) are dying!
You are probably an illegal Filipino Immigrant who has got his Blue IC thru some illegal means or you are another "ball-less" spastic!
The time for talk (as HL has said in his article or maybe we have to give you a Talagog intrepation for you to understand?) is over, it's time to declare an Emergency & send in the Malaysian Army!