Monday, March 25, 2013

DAP Johnny-Come-Lately Arrogant F--kers

Hantu Laut

If he can be so arrogant before he captures Federal power what would you imagine he can do when he has real Federal power?

Lim Guan Eng has grown too big for his boots. A little success has screwed up his brain. Arrogant to the core.

Arrogance is a cover up for insecurities that leads people to sickness of mind and unpredictable behaviour.Arrogant people perceived themselves as more valuable and superior than others. They are always on tenterhooks. Story here.

No government in the world offer free airtime on TV for politicians or political parties. You want it you have to pay and TV airtime does not come cheap. 

They complained about it, they asked for it, they ridiculed the government for lack of freedom of speech and when offered they declined with reproachable rudeness.

Born in the barn type behaviour. You don't want you can decline graciously.

I hope the Chinese community change their minds towards this bunch of arrogant johnny-come-lately politicians whose real concern is not the welfare of the people but their insatiable greed for power. 


Anonymous said...

Yes memang arrogant. Kat UK oppo politician dapat 4mins airtime jek.

Anonymous said...

Waahhhh..keluar tv juga mau cakap apa, bahasa malaysia pasti lintang pukang juga, malulah...

Keluar RTM lagi, diorang mesti ingat low class, kan selalu terpacul keluar perkataan tu dari golongan DAP.