Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ambiga's Propaganda Of Hate.

Hantu Laut

She is a lawyer and should know the law and our parliamentary system well, yet she intentionally decide to mislead unwary Malaysians with lies and half-truths. Rabble-rousing that can have  dire consequence.

Our parliamentary system inherited from the British is what it is today.It had never been changed to give advantage to the BN government. 

In Britain, the law also required the government to conduct a general review of all constituencies every eight to twelve years. In Malaysia it is the same, only the period of review may be different. 

Gerrymandering is not illegal. They are practised in many Commonwealth countries, but she wouldn't tell you that because she has other agenda.

Below is the result of the British 1997 General Election.Labour Party only garnered 43.2% of the popular votes but collected 63.4% of the seats in parliament.

UK General Election 1997
PartyStandingElectedGainedUnseatedNet % of total %No.Net %
Labour6394181450+ 14563.443.213,518,167+8.8
Liberal Democrat63946302+ 287.016.85,242,947–1.0
Referendum Party54700002.6811,849N/A
SNP72630+ 30.92.0621,550+0.1
Ulster Unionist161010+11.50.8258,3490.0

In 2001, Labour got 40.7% of the popular votes and collected 62.4% of the seats.

UK General Election 2001
PartySeatsGainsLossesNet gain/lossSeats %Votes %Votes+/−
Liberal Democrat51-17.8918.34,814,321


In 2010, the British general election saw no clear winner. It was a hung parliament. 

She accused the EC in collusion with BN of manipulating the electoral rolls.Has she given any proof, solid documentary evidence of her allegations? All she did was babbling away agonizing the unsuspecting crowd with her lies and half-truths. If  they are Malaysian new voters they have every right to appear in the electoral rolls.

Let me ask this spunky and rackless lady, let say, if Pakatan Rakyat wins the 13th GE with less than 50% of the popular votes, would she by, her silly argument, call it null and void and fresh elections should be called? 

Would she? 

Pakatan can also win on the same that's already ingrained in the system.

Listen to her bullshitting the Chinese and Indians:

If the camera have shown the faces of the audience I bet my bottom dollar they are mostly Chinese and Indians.

She said she is non-aligned and not siding with anyone but her curled brain soon forgets what she just said and went on to compare BN government with Pakatan government.

She is nothing what she says she was, she is Anwar's lackey, loud and clear.

The lady is a liar and troublemaker.


Anonymous said...

more accurate to say that you are the liar

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

King and queen of liars with the talent of mastering the art of misleading the fools with agendas to control putrajaya. This pandi achi should provide proof of what she has claimed if not this will stays only as allegation and SPR should sue her to stop her from spreading these false allegations.

Anonymous said...

fck u

Purple Haze said...

The recent activity regarding the blogger Papagomo will provide you with evidence that something is not right with the Election Commission.

To recap, the blogger Papagomo's identity was alleged to be an ex-policeman whose name appears twice in the electoral rolls - one as a civilian aand another as a police officer.

Less than 24 hours after the proof was provided via screen captures of the SPR website information, the records of the police officer person could not be found anymore.

While it has not been established with certainty that the 2 entries were the same person, what is shocking is that despite the EC claiming the electoral rolls were correct and once gazetted, they cannot be changed .... viola, that entry had been deleted.

Assuming that only the EC has control over what entries are input and deleted from the electoral rolls, how is this possible ? Hackers at work ?

The issue is not about the personality involved. It is the arbitrary action taken by the people who control the electoral rolls who amended the reocrds in contravention of their own rules.

Whether you are pro-BN or pro-PR, as Malaysians, this one action should give cause to be wary of the EC's abuse of their power and question the integrity of the electoral rolls.

Similarly in the highly publicised murder case of a Mongolian woman, it was established that the Immigration Dept had deleted the entry records of that woman into Malaysia. Who can give those instructions ???

You have the right to disagree with Ambiga but please do not turn a blind eye to the transgressions made by the institutions that are supposed to be apolitical and serve the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

So the British system inherited sucks and is not fair representation of actual votes cast overall.

Don't you think it is the EC's job to correct this system to ensure fair representations by votes to seats?

Definitely not her job, I think at present.

So what's EC going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

Why are Malays not listening to her? Are they really the ones who are ignorance? So her allegation is only true to some sector with race based interest. To her and supporters please don't ignite the fire.. Teu ler mah he kahai.

Anonymous said...

It's so rich, the "I'm neutral" part.

judi bola said...

You have the right to disagree with Ambiga but please do not turn a blind eye to the transgressions made by the institutions that are supposed to be apolitical and serve the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.47: Though the Malays don't migrate much over the ocean, they can still differentiate a snake from an eel!

SM said...


NO amount of proof will make you or any pro-BN Blogger admit that the EC is a bunch of crooked lap dogs.

However, I find fault with your statement...If the camera have shown the faces of the audience I bet my bottom dollar they are mostly Chinese and Indians.

What are you trying to say?

That the Indians & Chinese are stupid? Or rabble rousers? Or anti-Malay or What? Pray tell us.

That is a Racist statement! Prove first that the crowd was mainly Chinese & Indians before you come up with Racist Statements like thae. I guess what can you expect from BN & BN supporters? Najib is saying now...Zul is the champion of the Indian issues? Hahahaha! Why didn't he just say "Keling" Issues(which is exactly what Zul Nordin called the Indians)!

Gram Kong said...

Tell me, did the opposition provide documentary evidence over the media other than simply saying the electoral rolls are dirty. Give me the proof and I will be the first one to condemn their action.

What is so racist about saying majority of the audience are Chinese and Indians, which I am sure was the case if you care to find out.

Bro, I think you need anger management. You now sounds like run of the mill pro-Pakatan supporters. Don't let politics overcome your better judgement. It is freedom of choice, you choose yours, I choose mine and as you should be well aware it is also called democracy, which Pakatan leaders have decried but never practised themselves.

How to support them when they can't even get their act together, fighting each other in not less than 7 constituencies. Now, Hadi said because there are criminals and drug dealers in PKR lineup that's why they contest against them.

I honestly think Zul Nordin is more principled than that untrustworthy Anwar Ibrahim, who have lied to many of his friends and party members.

You can vote for him, who cares, that's your business, but stop calling others racist, because you can win an argument.

Anonymous said...

I once sent a facebook message to one of these Bersih affiliated groups asking whether they were really neutral. They of course said they were. But after I asked them why all their money came from opposition groups, they started to get defensive and finally one of them said "YOU KNOW WHAT? FINE SO WHAT IF I AM PRO PR? I HOPE YOU AREN'T VOTING FOR BN!" which of course made my day as I had managed to troll this asshole who uses the guise of neutrality to get people to like a facebook page and then spam them with pro-opposition propaganda. Someday I hope someone does the same to Ambiga. Seriously.

Ps, I have the whole conversation in my fb, and all the moderators of that group replied to me. THATS how shit scared they were.

So yeah, I started a simple question about their alignment and their reaction convinced me that these assholes are up to no good. Before that I had always just been on the fence, but that conversation changed my view. Sorry guys you might want to idealistically think that Bersih is just out to clean up the EC but lets not be oblivious and admit what it really is: a vehicle for PR to get free votes without having to merit it through having good policies.

Anonymous said...

Her legal businesses will be more successful if Pakatan were to rule Malaysia. All the government agencies must get legal advise from her firm. Then only the government will be BERSIH to her.


Anonymous said...

See how obvious DAP uses Bersih as part of their campaign!


Tony Yew said...

Since 2008, groups have been propagating lies, and half-truths in their attempt to paint the government corrupt and useless.

That constant repeating of lies have created these 'facts' being repeated.

Yet not a single case of phantom voter has been recorded having casted their vote.

Sure, the 'Papagomo' incident looks sure that the EC is in cahoots with BN. Don't forget also to argue how PR used the EC Chairman as an example, only to find out later that there was a guy with the same name in a particular UMNO division.

IF INDEED the EC was that corrupt and BN froendly, how can you anyone explain the loss of 82 seats in 2008?

Bersih, and their steering committee are a bunch of ppl who know that the issue of fair elections will be a thorny one for BN, ence they have been riding on this. Coupled by the support from Oppstn parties to keep their battle cry.

If it is truly 'apolitical' why are they campaigning for PR now?

The answer is that since this is their last call, either win or loose the opportunity to crown their master AI, then they r going all out.

As responsible citizens, each time you are confronted with a 'do you know', 'the government is corrupt' statement, ask the person to verify the facts.

At the end of the day, your ONE vote counts. Don't let pthers cow you into believing that it doesn't!

Purple Haze said...

Here's another example of strange happenings to the electoral rolls.

The case of En Ruslan Abdul Razak's son who is registered to vote in the Kota Raja parliamanetary district. En Ruslan's 25 yr old son has never registered to vote somply because he is afflicted with Down's Syndrome.

En Ruslan claims he never registered his son as a voter and does not believe that his son has the mental capacity to do so by himself.

HOw did the EC allow this ?

SM said...


I fully agree that we can vote for whoever we choose. No issues there
Time & time again, it was shown that the EC was lying in terms of Voters in the Electorate & even the Chairman & Deputy Chairman were proven to be UMNO members (in a "real"democratic country, they would have either quit or been forced to quit!). Purple Haze has given you a couple of examples too.
Never mind that, we believe what we want to believe.

But what really shocks me is that you said you truly believe that Zul Nordin is a more principled than DSAI! We are not talking about DSAI here! A Malaysian who can degrade another Malaysian of a different race & then insult the other's religion has no principles! Period! If a member of the opposition had come out & insulted Islam, what would you have said?!

And you said you don't blindly follow UMNO just because you support them?

Anonymous said...

Malay should start to carry family name as their names are so common eg. Omar, Ali, Osman, Anwar, Azizah, Salmah etc. and even with bin somebody can still be somebody full name. So PH not every man with beard is your grandfather..

Anonymous said...

Tony, thanks for the effective comments.